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Working closely with the telecoms and data centre sectors for product metal fabrication

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We are the leading subcontract partners in the telecommunications industry. We understand the importance of high quality, safe and secure enclosures for telecoms equipment.

We work closely with leading telecoms network suppliers and telecoms equipment vendors to manufacture components such as storage and racking systems, data cabinets, connectivity products, pole mounts, video conferencing units and patch panels.

Our in-depth understanding of the telecommunications industry making us genuine specialists in communications infrastructure and the provision of data management units across many telephone and internet platforms.

We are one of the few UK providers to hold four BSI quality accreditations and have a European wide reputation for quality and precision.

We specialise in the outsourcing of design, prototyping, sheet metal fabrication and precision engineering to provide OEMs with a higher return on outsourcing investment. We work to build strategic partnerships with our customers to strengthen core competencies and allow them to achieve complete supply chain continuity.

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