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Outsourcing opportunities with KMF

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Outsourcing manufacturing is becoming a preferred approach for organisations that want to strategically manage materials in today's fast-moving business environment.

For this reason, an increasing number of OEMs are including subcontract outsourcing in their future growth and improvement strategies and focusing more investment and resources on core business activities.

With expert knowledge, industry-leading technology and impressive supply chain management, KMF specialises in the outsourcing of sheet metal fabrication and engineering for OEMs to provide a greater return on outsourcing investment.

KMF Group can offer shared expertise and manufacturing resources within the engineering sector, allowing us to act as a single source manufacturing solution for multinational OEMs.

There is no need to use several suppliers as KMF can design, prototype, fabricate, engineer, integrate and assemble complete turnkey solutions, on time and within budget.

In addition, as the market leader in sheet metal fabrication and precision engineering, KMF can easily solve complex production processes and cut investment and maintenance costs, allowing clients to focus on core competencies.

In-house manufacturers are often concerned at the perceived loss of control which they fear could affect quality.

However, as one of few metal manufacturing companies to hold four ISO accreditations and with a highly skilled team of qualified technicians, clients can be confident that KMF can maintain and even exceed existing quality standards.

KMF Group has invested more than £9 million in new technology over the last three years.

Thanks to its award-winning apprenticeship and training scheme and industry-leading technology, clients can be assured that KMF can provide the highest-quality and competitive components with the resources and capacity to become your manufacturing partner.

With nearly 50 years experience in outsourcing to blue-chip OEMs, KMF is the perfect partner to help you make the transition. an additional factory in Slovakia gives KMF the ability to partner companies with a growing European customer base.

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