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A single-source manufacturing solution for the medical and scientific sectors

We have the skills and facilities necessary to manufacture and assemble bespoke components for medical laboratory equipment. We use the latest machinery for metal fabrication, including industry-leading laser cutting, metal bending, CNC punching and milling, MIG and TIG welding, painting and powder coating. Continually adapting our systems to provide forward-thinking solutions, we are proud to meet the ever-changing requirements of our blue-chip clients.

At KMF Group, our purpose-built ‘Special Products’ plant allows for the comprehensive fabrication of sterile and rust-resistant stainless-steel components. Coupled with our four BSI Accreditations, KMF is the perfect outsourcing partner for OEMs working within the medical equipment industry.

We have the skills necessary to manufacture equipment such as:

  • Analysers
  • Tape heads
  • Monitor stands
  • Medical cabinets
  • Hospital enclosures
  • Spectrometers

We make a precise case for exceptional customer service, assured quality and a strategic partnership. Our expert team can design, prototype, fabricate, engineer and assemble complete solutions that adhere to tight timetables and competitive budgets.

Partner with KMF on your next project and experience unparalleled precision and innovation in medical equipment manufacturing.

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