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Processing stainless steels correctly to maintain food processing compliance.


Precision engineering solutions firm KMF is recommending that customers take note of not only what steel specification is used in their products, but critically how that material is handled and processed.

Most customers in the food and medical processing sector understand the importance of selecting the right grade of stainless steel, typically 304 or 316 series would be used depending on the application, but how many customers get the opportunity to look behind the scenes to see how the material is processed?

Keith Nicholl, Commercial Director at KMF Groupexplains:
KMF thought long and hard as to how best to address the specific needs of its non-ferrous customers.It was a market that we had not really looked to penetrate for one simple reason: cross-contamination of material.

Cross contamination could happen in many places; from the steel holding racks at goods inwards, on the profiling machines, from the grinding belts used to lay down grains and even from press brake tooling that has been used to process the previous ferrous job.

Therefore, it became obvious that to enter this market as a serious player KMF needed to invest in a purpose-built facility dedicated solely and exclusively to the manufacturing of non-ferrous fabrications.

Four years ago, a 20,000sqft facility adjacent to our main existing 200,000sqft facility was purchased and kitted out with bespoke profiling equipment, press brakes, welding and dressing bays and a glass bead room. Ancillary equipment including CNC stud welding machines, polishing and electrolysis kit were also installed.

"KMF Special Products Unit" now had the in-house facilities to match the expertise built up over many years and were able to attract business from some of the most respected names in the food processing sector. The facility has gone from strength to strength and combines all of the best aspects of KMF supply with the added advantage of zero cross contamination."

Backed by industry leading certifications which include ISO9001:2015, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. KMF has almost 50 years' experience in the manufacture and fabrication of sheet metal and we support a project from the beginning to end, priding ourselves on working closely with our customers to deliver to their exact specifications and industry benchmarks.

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