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What is Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication?


KMF is one of the largest sheet metal fabrication UK companies. With extensive in-house capabilities and state-of-the-art technology we offer accurate sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining solutions to meet all your metal manufacturing needs. Here, find out more about our sheet metal fabrication processes and techniques.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Made Easy

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of forming flat sheets of steel into metal structures or products by cutting, punching, folding, and assembling. Special equipment such as band saws, chop saws and laser cutters can be used in this process to ensure even cutting and minimal effort. Sheet metal fabrication also uses press brakes, which help create sharp bends and angles within the metal. Once all the components are formed, they are assembled, and a variety of welding techniques can be used to tack them into position. Before the final handover to the client, components are usually finished and can be sand blasted, primed, and painted.

Sheet Metal Fabrication – Processes Explained

Design & Prototyping

In sheet metal fabrication the design phase is often where it all begins. The design and prototyping of metal components is a critical part of our process, where we work closely with our customers at these important, initial stages. Using the latest CADCAM software and our skilled and modern precision engineering design techniques, our specialist design department will produce fully specified and engineered product design drawings. Ready for their precision metalwork manufacture and fabrication.

CNC Cutting

Versatile CNC metal cutting services are a critical part of sheet metal fabrication. CNC punching and laser cutting processes play a significant role in sheet metal fabrication and are often the first process in a component's manufacturing journey. This metal profiling technique can create metal forms such as louvres, dimples and embosses with speed. CNC punch presses are programmed through CAD and RADAN software whilst network linked to our state-of-the-art CNC punch and laser punches. This ensure efficient layout and processing of sheet metal to fabricate the required components.

Metal Forming

At KMF, our sheet metal fabrication processes employ high tech sheet metal forming machines programmed with the latest in innovative computer software, to manufacture a multitude of metal formed products. As well as using manned pressed brakes, we also use automated Salvagnini panel bending and robot folding technology (TruBend automated metal folding cells) to manufacture all manner of metal formed products.


We manufacture components and welded assemblies of various sizes, materials and levels of complexity using both manual and automated MIG and TIG welding. To complement our welding services, we offer multiple metal finishing services including linishing processes such as grinding, sanding, and polishing of metal parts. Welded fabrications can be dressed to their original grained appearance or given additional finishing applications such as powder coatings.

CNC Machining

Sheet metal fabrication uses CNC (Computerised Numerical Control) machining equipment to produce high volume precision turned parts. At KMF we employ simultaneous and fixed 5-axis technology, sliding head, milling, and turning, precision tapping centres and a well-equipped metrology department to produce high quality machined components.

Metal Finishing

This is a crucial part in our design-to-delivery sheet metal fabrication service, allowing us to support our customers with both fabricated assemblies and machined components ready to ship directly to the end user. Our flexible metal finishing treatments include powder and wet painting, low pressure glass bead blasting, silk screening, engraving and more.
Working from multiple manufacturing sites across the UK and Europe and operating in many industries including Aerospace & Defence, Telecommunications, Renewable Energy, Automotive and Food Processing, KMF is well placed to meet any sub-contract sheet metal fabrication requirement. Ready to discuss your next project? To find out how we can help your organisation email or contact one of our metal manufacturing experts here .

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