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All about sheet metal fabrication

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What is sheet metal fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication is the technique of cutting, bending, folding and machining flat metal sheets to create metal products.

Metals such as steel and aluminium can be cut, bent or welded into almost any shape using specialist machines such as laser cutters, punching machines and press brakes. Finished metal products can vary from simple open boxes to complex electro-mechanical assemblies incorporating hundreds of components.

High-speed fabrication machines can be controlled by computer programmes to ensure efficiency, speed and accuracy in creating sheet metal fabricated products.

Modern metal fabrication is a highly skilled operation that encompasses various techniques but consists of four basic processes – cutting, folding, finishing and assembly.

Metal cutting involves creating templates from flat metal sheets with precision tools. CNC punching and laser cutting machines are automated for fast and accurate results.

Metal folding uses sophisticated bending and shaping machines to turn metal cutouts into 3D objects. Folding is usually carried out on press brakes and panel benders which can be hand-operated, automated or robotic.

Metal finishing can incorporate the skilled welding of metal components, linishing, bead blasting, polishing, priming and powder coating to create quality products.

Component assembly is the joining of metal parts together to create anything from simple structures to sophisticated multi-component assemblies built to very high specifications and tolerances.

Advanced metal fabrication techniques

Many sheet metal companies offer standard fabrication operations such as CNC plasma cutting and punching, laser cutting, precision forming, welding, finishing and painting.

KMF can also offer advanced services such as design and prototyping , CNC machining, complex assembly, precision engineering, quality inspection and bespoke logistics.

OEMs can rely on KMF Precision Sheet Metal for end-to-end supply chain solutions. KMF can manage the manufacture of metal fabrication from design to delivery.

Complex metal fabricated products

Many metal fabricated components are mass consumption items such as boxes, brackets and screws. KMF can also manufacture large runs of customised complex fabricated metal products.

Regular fabrication projects at KMF includes the manufacture and assembly of electrical enclosures, power distribution units, HVAC equipment, kiosk and vending machines and components for medical devices and the aerospace sector.

Sheet metal fabrication and machining

Precision machined metal parts are often a crucial component of metal fabricated products.

Many businesses need large quantities of metal and plastic components for use in a wide range of industry sectors from automobiles and aeroplanes to medical equipment and electronics.

KMF has a wealth of CNC machining operational capacity and expertise with computer-controlled lathes, mills and 5-axis machines that can complete multi-dimensional machining tasks in a single operation.

About sheet metal fabrication at KMF

KMF deploys a complementary offering of metal fabrication, CNC machining and assembly services to produce custom engineered parts to match the exacting application requirements.

The combination of accumulated experience, advanced technology and innovation mean we can design, fabricate and deliver a range of products.

KMF can provide sheet metal fabrication solutions that enhance product performance, resolve production issues and increase competitiveness.

KMF Group offers a complete range of metal fabrication services to act as a one-stop-shop for any metal contract manufacturing needs.

We take pride in our flexibility and ability to serve a diverse range of customers with varying specification and delivery requirements, keeping costs down and efficiencies high. If you have a question or enquiry about sheet metal work or precision machining services, please get in touch.

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