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About CNC metal laser cutting

laser cutting at kmf

How does metal laser cutting work?

Sheet metal laser cutting works by directing a high-powered laser beam to burn, melt or vaporise material to cut out patterns and shapes from flat sheet metal or piping.

The laser beam melts the material while a jet of high-pressure nitrogen or oxygen forces out the molten metal to leave a clean precision cut product.

Metal laser cutting machines use CAD software to control the device as it cuts through metal or other materials in the most efficient way possible.

On a precision metal laser cutter, the head moves over the sheet metal plate in a precise prearranged pattern, maintaining a highly accurate distance between the cutting head and the plate.

As well as precise cutting and clean edges, the main advantages over the mechanical cutting are better management of materials and lower energy use.

Laser cutting machines can be used on many materials but they particularly useful when cutting sheet metal plates in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

The laser cutting operation is highly accurate with low heat damage and a cut quality so good that machines can be used to cut very intricate shapes, elaborate patterns and small holes.

Laser metal cutting process

Metal manufacturing at KMF starts with the company's programming and design teams who work closely with clients to plan the most efficient design and manufacture process for the product.

Our skilled experts optimise for the quality of manufacture, product enhancement and cost savings, allowing us to move from initial design to full-scale production with speed and confidence.

KMF engineers focus on competitive manufacture using highly localised focusing of laser beams for narrow cut width while exercising computer-assisted part nesting.

Operators pass components to KMF's quality inspection area where Laser QC systems measure to tolerances within 0.05mm.

Once approved, and with repeatable accuracy guaranteed, batch production gets the go-ahead.

Metal cutting capacity

Sheet metal fabrication facilities at KMF offer the comprehensive cutting capacity required to meet the demands of our many clients.

We not only provide dedicated laser cutting machines but also offer combination laser punch machines.- Trumpf TruLaser machines 3030 & 5030

  • Trumpf punch-laser combination machines Trumatic 6000 & Trumatic 7000Punch-laser combination machines can punch and cut sheet metal components in a single operation.The maximum working range for cutting machines at KFM is 3000mm x 1500mm.

Industry applications

Laser cutting is a fast-growing manufacturing process in many industry sectors, including automotive, food and packaging, electronics and medical. For a large number of clients, cutting is the first reliable manufacturing process undertaken to produce accurate and polished metal products within short time frames.

KMF Group operates the latest in automated loading and unloading equipment to ensure projects are carried out quickly and efficiently.

We use LiftMaster Sort to separate finished parts from the scrap skeleton. It ensures the metal cutting operations at KMF are as efficient as possible with exceptional lead times, tight tolerances and a high-quality finish.

Our precision cutting technology is preferred to other fabrication methods such as CNC punching when designs require small, intrinsic detail or a thicker grade of material.

Learn more about our product experience in manufacturing high demand metal products for renowned OEMs across a wide range of industries.

Range of materials

As part of our sheet metal fabrication service, KMF can laser cut a range of materials including mild steel, zintec, stainless steel, aluminium and copper.

Lasers can cut considerably thicker sheet metal when compared to CNC punch presses.

Our machines can profile metal up to 25mm, although maximum sheet thickness does depend on the material.

  • Mild Steel: 0.5 – 25mm
  • Stainless Steel: 0.5 – 25mm
  • Aluminium: 0.5 – 16mm

If you have any questions, please contact our engineering team . They will be happy to discuss the best fabrication method for your product and whether CNC laser cutting or CNC punching service is the more appropriate

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