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What is CNC Machining?


KMF Precision Engineering.

KMF is an industry leading precision engineering company at the forefront on CNC machining. As a market leader we have continuously invested in the latest technology allowing us to produce high-value quality machined components.

What is CNC Machining?

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) is a manufacturing process that uses computer software to control complex milling and turning machines. This is then transferred to physical contact which removes material from a solid block or billet of material.

The language behind CNC is also known as G-code, this is written to control various behaviours such as the speed, feed rate & coordination.

Benefits of CNC Machining.

CNC machining comes with a multitude of benefits in the precision engineering environment, including:

Lower production costs

Reduces energy consumption and saves recurring operational costs.

Precision components

CNC is an accurate and repeatable process. Along with using digital templates and autonomous machines it can also help reduce human error.

Consistency of manufacture

Produces quality components and with the application of additional measure and monitoring, CNC machines can detect things like tool wear & dimensional creep.

Reliable endurance

With the aid of Pallatech technology CNC machines work 24/7, only requiring down time for general maintenance.

Types of CNC Machines.

CNC machines will either have a movement that is either linear, or straight line, in a motion or rotational. Most common machine types are lathes and milling machines.

Basic CNC machines – these include 2 & 3 axis lathes & 3 axis milling machines.

Advanced- these include 5-Axis indexed milling & turning machines.


CNC machined parts are far superior to their manual counterparts. They can work with a wide range of metals & plastics.

More importantly, they boast a multitude of additional benefits that can offer a competitive edge and help them stay ahead.

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