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Why partner with the UK's leading sheet metal manufacturer?

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KMF is one of the largest and most trusted UK sheet metal manufacturers. Using state-of-the-art technology, we provide accurate metal fabrication and CNC machining solutions to meet all your UK manufacturing needs. When it comes to sheet metal fabrication, KMF are more than just manufacturers, we're partners.

Discover the benefits of partnering with leading UK metal manufacturer, KMF.

Full Material Traceability

One of the main benefits of partnering with a UK sheet metal manufacturer is full material traceability, ensuring that materials used for the parts on a finished product have records spanning back to their production. This means you'll have the ability to track every part and product during the manufacturing process, from the point raw materials enter the factory to the dispatch and shipping of final products.

Not only does partnering with KMF help to achieve full material traceability, but it also means that you'll have tighter control over quality. At any point, you can easily get in touch with KMF to go through our manufacturing processes. Our exceptional quality control is supported by leading inspection equipment, including:

  • Faro 3D Measurement Technology
  • Virtek LaserQC Inspection Systems
  • State-of-the-art CMM Metrology Equipment

This equipment helps us to ensure your requirements and expectations are met from the very beginning.

Faster, Cost-effective Shipping

Partnering with KMF means parts are manufactured at and dispatched from our factory in the UK, resulting in faster, cost-effective shipping that is guaranteed to save valuable money and time. Not only does this speed up the delivery process, but it also helps you reduce lead times and hit delivery deadlines.

Quality Control of Parts

With a wealth of understanding of UK market quality requirements, the materials used to create parts are to the highest of standards. This allows us to produce and dispatch sheet metal to a UK standard certification.

Immediate Updates

UK manufacturers can provide updates at every point of the process, from manufacturing to dispatch and even shipping updates when necessary. Updates are a crucial part of the manufacturing process as they keep you informed of any changes, allowing you plenty of time to respond.

No Hidden Costs

Hidden costs are one of the main disadvantages of overseas manufacturing, which is just another reason to partner with a trusted UK manufacturer. With KMF, there are no import fees, taxes or even air-freight charges as all parts are produced and later dispatched from our UK factory.

The 'Greener' Option

It's not just the delivery of products that is impacting the environment, but the way parts are manufactured that's also causing some harm. More has been written about human impact on the environment in recent years, which has widely encouraged businesses to act and make minor changes to how they operate. Something as simple as switching to a UK metal manufacturer can massively help the environment as using less fuel can massively reduce your carbon footprint.

Book a Factory Tour

As our factory is based here in the UK, you are welcome to come and see our facilities for yourself. We'll give you the full tour of our factory and show you exactly how our expert engineers will craft your parts. Simply get in touch to book a factory tour!

To find out more about the KMF Group, contact us on 01782 569060

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