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Why and how KMF is a 'cut above the rest'


We’re committed to enhancing our service as metal fabricators and precision engineers. The substantial investments we make in people, technology and processes allow us to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs with agility and efficiency. Having an end-to-end solution means that KMF is a first choice for manufacturers who are looking to procure volume sheet metal fabrications or volume precision machining.

From beginning to end, our extensive facilities offer all of the major processes that you would expect a leading subcontractor to have in-house. Along with our 24/7 capacity, it means we can service the needs of large-scale clients while providing detailed job tracking throughout all of our manufacturing departments. KMF’s customers depend on our quick turnaround, lower cost and strict quality control, as well as achieving optimum efficiency.

State of the art technology, four ISO accreditations and extensive in-house capacity allows us to consistently meet the high-complexity demands of our customers within exceptional lead times and to the highest quality.

Technological investment remains a focus of our business strategy, this means KMF Group has a plethora of stand-out machinery that only a handful of UK firms possess. A particular example is our Trumpf TruBend Cell 7000 that offersa compact system for the high-quality repetition and efficient bending of small parts.

Across our three sites spanning 255,000 sqft, we’ve invested over £9m into new leading-edge machinery and technological advancements in the last three years. Allow us to virtually take you through our facilities so you can see what KMF can do for you and your business.

KMF Precision Sheet Metal UK Facility

CNC machinery plays a critical role in sheet metal fabrication. We have two high performance Trumpf TruLaser 3030 fibre lasers and two cost-efficient punch-laser combination TruMatic’s (6000 and 7000) that are all linked to our efficiency recording system.

The latest profiling technology provides increased accuracy and repeatability while reducing the time taken for post process finishing, even on heavier gauge materials. These innovative combination machines give KMF the ability to manufacture components that require both precision laser cutting and metal punching in a single process.

We constantly replace and upgrade our three TruPunch 5000 machines which are fed by their own vertical storage towers, setting new standards in terms of productivity, process reliability and flexibility. Our automated Trumpf machinery reduces the need for individual operator input and therefore offers significant cost advantages over stand-alone machines. In addition, all profiling machines are pre-programmed off line for each production run, further reducing the cost-per-part.

Our latest investment in two Trumpf fibre laser machines linked to a dedicated Trustore sheet management system ensures that we can accurately and reliably cut a wide range of materials. This includes mild steel, coated steels, stainless steel, copper and aluminium in sheet sizes up to 3000 x 1500mm. All products that are produced on our laser and punching machines are fully verified using our two Virtek LaserQC® scanning systems. This ensures full compliance against our customers’ requirements.

Moving through the facility, two Salvagnini P4 panel benders represent a significant investment in automated folding. They provide the ultimate solution in the forming of large panel type parts, such as doors or cladding panels. They use universal bending tools, removing the need for manual re-tooling, resulting in very fast changeovers and reduced downtime. Salvagnini’s adaptive technology means the system can detect subtle material changes and compensate by adjusting within the bending cycle, for increased accuracy and high repeatability.

Across to the manual folding section, there are nine dedicated TruBend 5000 press brakes which are each manned by an experienced folding operator. These machines give KMF unrivalled flexibility due to their innovative features such as fast tool change, 3D visualisation, 5 and 6-axis back gauge systems and full off line programming using Radbend software. For smaller parts our TruBend 7036 machine boasts both efficiency and space-saving properties, offering high-speed performance.

At KMF, ongoing customer relationships have allowed us to provide dedicated customer cells in our facility. Whatever your industry or product, we can engineer a solution and can adapt our sheet metal fabrication and engineering processes to fit your needs.

In our welding areas there are twenty welding bays which operate with both MIG and TIG systems across a 24 /7 production pattern. All bays are equipped with safe systems of work in regard to fume extraction and are fitted out with purpose designed welding tables that accept quick clamp fixturing.

After linishing and dressing back in our 6 air-extracted bays, parts typically divert along different routes after welding with options to move on to our ten state-of-the-art Haegar hydraulic inserting machines. Alternatively, parts may reach our in-house glass bead blasting or silk screening and pad printing facilities, which are all dependant on the customers’ exact requirements.

Moving through the process to our powder coating line where our fully automated, electrostatic GEMA Automatic Powder Coating Booth System operates 24/7. The system is inclusive of a high-efficiency curing oven, conveyor system and QCS4 Magic cylinder fast colour change booth.

Standing KMF apart from competitors, we apply an Oxsilan pre-treatment to fabricated metal products which is free from hazardous chemicals. It gives superior corrosion resistance and ensures better environmental endurance for a wide range of metal substrates.

Next, for integrated cabinets, multipart components and mechanical assemblies we have purpose-built assembly cells and packing areas, meaning that our customers have full confidence that our products have been quality checked before dispatching.

For fully configured turnkey solutions, customers can also benefit from our bespoke electro-mechanical integration facility.

KMF Advanced Solutions Facility

Moving across to our stand-alone Advanced Solutions Facility, we offer the capacity and control for more complex components especially those that require full material and process traceability. For our Aerospace and medical customers our Laser part Marking Machine, and Kardex material management shuttle tower, that can only be accessed via barcodes contained within the job routing documentation, both help to provide the full control that’s required for these specialised industries.

For high-tolerance measuring of detail components this facility is also equipped with the latest CMM technology in the form of a digital measuring arm.

KMF Special Products Facility

We also have facilities that operate solely for customers needing non-ferrous metals for critical industries such as food and medical production, ensuring no-cross contamination. In this stand-alone facility there are a number of dedicated TruBend 5130 machines, welding bays, and dedicated finishing bays along with devoted customer areas for electrical integration. Our customers can also achieve super-smooth or fine textured finishes through our low-pressure glass bead finishing facility.

We understand that our customers may have stringent corporate social responsibility and vendor-management policies. That’s why we’re dedicated to encouraging our own suppliers to adopt the same sustainable standards as ourselves.

We're always happy to showcase our facilities and actively encourage both new and existing customers to visit our manufacturing sites. It’s so that our stakeholders can experience complete visibility and a holistic view of KMF’s production capabilities. If you'd like a personal tour of our leading sites, don't hesitate to get in touch today.

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