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Successful Soap Box Racing for KMF Apprentices

KMF apprentices at Stone soapbox derby

Last week, two teams made up of seven KMF apprentices raced in the 2017 Soap Box Derby in Stone. The two teams, who utilised their impressive sheet metal fabrication and engineering skills to build Looney Tunes and Mario Kart themed vehicles, took part in the race at this year's Stone Festival.

Each team had to run an ambitious course which included a variety of obstacles, such as cones, bumps and chicanes. The soapbox race saw contestants pick up points for soapbox design and speed, with prizes awarded in a range of categories. The judging panel included football legend, Gordon Banks.

A particular highlight of the soapbox derby was raising £1,000 for Dougie Mac and Donna Louise Hospice. The innovative idea came from fourth-year engineering apprentice, Tom French, who offered local companies the opportunity to add logo stickers to the karts for a small sponsorship fee.

Sponsors included Mark Brammar Associates, F Ball UK, Neida Products, BETD Components, Motiva Group & So Marketing.

Among the more extravagant entries were a giant glass of coffee, a gorilla, a garden shed and Goldilocks and the three bears!

Many of the apprentices who took part in the soapbox derby were involved in KMF's Young Engineer Competition in 2014, which challenged local students to build F24 Greenpower Electric Kit Cars.

KMF engineering apprentice, 17-year-old Oliver Whittaker, dressed up as Super Mario to participate in the race. He said: "We wanted to get involved so we could show off our metal fabrication and engineering skills and also have some fun."

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