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Specialist stainless steel fabrication at KMF


KMF specialises in the manufacture of robust, high-quality, unrivalled fabrications and components which puts us at the forefront of stainless steel fabrication. We have heavily invested in our 'Special Products' facility, a complete standalone unit dedicated to the fabrication and engineering of stainless-steel products.

Located next to our metal fabrication facility, KMF Special Products is a bespoke, purpose-built manufacturing unit specialising in non-ferrous and stainless steel fabrication. The specialist facility houses a dedicated forming department, welding bays, a bespoke laser services room and low-pressure glass bead blasting facilities. These allow our engineers to offer a comprehensive metal dressing service as part of our metal fabrication solution.

A dedicated stainless-steel facility

We run a purpose-built stainless steel fabrication facility to support food and packaging operations. The plant allows our engineers to fabricate a multitude of complex assemblies for customers who insist on the separate processing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Our stainless-steel environment is a centre of excellence with products developed from concept to delivery, within the narrowest of time frames.

Stainless steel products a speciality

Our stainless steel fabrication offerings include food processing equipment for various sectors, including fruit and vegetable processing and many more. We specialise in manufacturing weighing equipment, portion and pack distribution systems, labelling and print equipment and conveyor systems. Our skilled engineers are responsible for the manufacture and assembly of all manner of precision machinery and equipment needed for food processing inspection and quality control. Complementing our engineering expertise, we're proud to offer advanced capabilities in glass bead blasting, MIG and TIG welding, component assembly and electromechanical integration.

Over 30 years as industry experts

As the UK's leading manufacturer of fabricated metal components and products, our engineers can design, prototype, manufacture and assemble everything from our food processing equipment to high-quality packaging conveyors. We have more than 30 years of experience in stainless steel fabrication within the food manufacturing and packaging industries.

Food processing products require robust design and components that combine minimum operation costs, high performance and reliable functionality. Our extensive expertise ensures that every part of your order meets your exact requirements, whether that's weighing instruments for use in laboratories, industrial and food retail, or even x-ray, inspection, quality control and metal detection equipment. Better yet, our stainless-steel environment is a centre of excellence, and many products are developed from concept to finished end-user turnkey solutions.

Custom stainless steel fabrication

One thing we're incredibly proud of at KMF is our dedicated and skilled workforce. Our engineers have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in creating custom stainless-steel products that meet all required food safety standards. Our stainless steel fabrication and customer service are second to none. We have dedicated teams of experienced personnel who are allocated to clients and responsible for answering their queries, solving their problems and making sure the finished products are completed on time and within budget.

Above all, we believe that customer service is paramount. We take great pride in unrivalled client support and satisfaction while acknowledging the sector's continued commitment to product development.

Book A Factory Tour

As our factory is based here in the UK, you are welcome to come and see our facilities for yourself. We'll give you the full tour of our factory and show you exactly how our expert engineers will craft your parts. Simply get in touch to book a factory tour!

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