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Propelling manufacturing efficiency through CNC programming


Computer numerical control (CNC) design is vital for the automated production of sheet metal parts. KMF's programming team, Steve Gardener, Joshua Griffiths and Duncan Morris, are all fundamental to the initial stage of the firm's one-stop shop fabrication services. Together, they ensure the manufacture of complex parts with consistency, quality and speed.

Day to day, the programming team create a set of instructions or code for KMF's automated laser, punch and bending machines. Using the latest CAD/CAM software, our engineers convert 3D drawings into a computer-aided manufacturing language, which is understood by our leading metal fabrication technology. Once converted, the patterns are laid out in the nesting phase to minimise material waste and ensure efficiency.

CNC Programming Manager, Steve Gardener offers over two decades of invaluable expertise. As a manager, he's responsible for making decisions for over £1.75 million worth of new machine capital expenditure.

Steve's role is integral to the manufacturing of all sheet metal parts that are produced at KMF. By producing fully optimised and efficient programs, KMF manufactures precision parts in high volume and with agility. By communicating with different teams, he's also responsible for identifying and eliminating any problems that arise.

"I've worked in the sheet metal industry for over 27 years. My knowledge is vital to ensure all runs smoothly within our complex programming processes.

"I've built relationships with our major CNC machine, CAD/CAM software and tooling suppliers. It's our robust network that helps keep KMF at the forefront of the industry, " said Steve.

Steve manages the workload of the programming team to ensure they adhere to the material requirement planning (MRP) system lead times. He communicates with different departments to identify and eliminate any daily issues.

"It's my responsibility to ensure the team produces fully optimised CNC programs. We utilise advanced tooling and technology to achieve high levels of flexibility and efficiency.

"We're always looking to push the boundaries and extract the most from our equipment and processes."

When speaking about his role, Steve commented: "My favourite part about working at KMF is the culture in the business. I'm happy to embrace the ever-changing diversity of my role."

KMF expert engineers have the job of taking a concept and optimising it for the metal manufacturing process. The programming team are crucial to ensuring an efficient and cost-effective fabrication process for its customers in various industries.

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