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KMF employees save the company £500,000


KMF celebrates the success of their eighth Productivity Share Scheme, recognising savings of more than £50K over the last twelve months thanks to innovative ideas from staff.

The scheme, which over the last five years has saved KMF Group over £2.3 Million, pays out an annual bonus to any employee spotting an opportunity for efficiency or process improvement or cost saving within KMF and implementing that idea into a new process.

The scheme concentrates on the seven key areas of waste, including overproduction, inventory, transport, process, idle time, operator motion and poor quality and aims to bring continuous improvement to KMF's manufacturing operations.

189 employees from across the KMF Group have contributed to the cost-saving scheme this year.

Sam Dutton, KMF's Productivity Scheme Administrator who is responsible for organising the initiative, commented: "PPS8 has seen some impressive cost savings and our manufacturing facilities are already reaping the benefits of the process improvements that have been implemented. Our employees are our greatest asset and have the best understanding of our processes and how they could be improved. I continue to be impressed by the attitude and enthusiasm of our staff and am already looking forward to PSS9!".

One profitable project from this year's programme was introduced by KMF employee, Dean Poole. Dean has successfully reduced machine idle time in KMF's by increasing the number of parts cut per cycle on a particular machine. Cutting more parts means that the overall runtime is reduced. Before PSS8 a cycle time of five minutes was required to cut two parts. Thanks to Dean's innovation, our CNC machines are now set up to cut six parts within a 10-minute cycle -a huge time-saving!

Every employee who participated in this year's PSS received a certificate at a short presentation event.

With the help of KMF's Continuous Improvement Team, the Productivity Share Scheme has significantly increased efficiency and productivity of metal fabrication and precision engineering services, as well as bringing advantages to health and safety and to employee engagement.

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