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The pivotal role of the purchasing team

purchasing team

In the world of sheet metal fabrication, success hinges on a range of factors, one being the role of procurement. From material sourcing to quality assurance, KMF's purchasing team is vital to ensure that the firm stays competitive in the ever-changing landscape of metal manufacturing. Carl Goodwin, Lisa Harding, Jayne Sheldon, Kelly Bradshaw and Lynne Lloyd all play a crucial role in making sure that the wheels of production at KMF run smoothly.

Lisa Harding began her journey at KMF 23 years ago, when the team consisted of only two members. Over the years, KMF has provided her with ample opportunities to enhance her career. After obtaining a CIPS degree qualification, Lisa eventually evolved her role into purchasing manager. Today, she manages a team of eight people and oversees an annual spend exceeding £15 million.

Lisa's role in leading the established procurement team is critical to the success of KMF. She ensures a robust supply chain that considers quality and on-time delivery. This means that her team can produce high-quality products that meet customer expectations.

Lisa commented: "I always encourage and promote that we have two customers – the manufacturing facility and the customer placing the order. It's critical that both customers are satisfied with the quality. We also have to make certain we're sourcing ethically and to the best value.

"In recent years, we've had challenges such as Brexit, Covid 19, war and an energy crisis that we've had to account for. Thanks to our strong and reliable supply chain, we've been able to successfully overcome these external factors and continue to exceed customer expectations."

Devoting two decades to KMF, Carl Goodwin has climbed the ranks. Starting in the goods inward department, he is now senior buyer. His day-to-day duties include managing materials, obtaining quotes, and ensuring all systems are up-to-date and aligned with customer requirements.

Speaking about the importance of his role, Carl said: "My experience of setting up systems and knowledge of supply chain and material requirements ensures a quick turnaround for request of quote (RFQ). This has a significant impact on the rest of the production process, allowing the engineers to plan jobs quickly and the sales team to quote promptly too.

"Working in purchasing means that we're frequently challenged with the rising costs of materials. I believe that our loyalty and strong rapport with our supply chain has been vital to our success in recent years."

Buyer, Jayne Sheldon brings a unique perspective to the purchasing team. Having previously served as a buyer at Johnson Tiles for nine years and in various capacities at an Engineering Merchant for over 15 years, Jayne has acquired extensive expertise in the engineering domain of procurement. To stay ahead of the curve in a highly competitive industry, Jayne ensures the purchase of ferrous materials at optimal prices. By reducing indirect company costs and maximising profit margin, Jayne's role is central to the financial health of KMF.

Amidst the challenges and responsibility, Jayne finds joy in the camaraderie at KMF. She commented: "My favourite part about working at KMF is the people. I get to work with an array of characters and contribute to the success of the company whilst doing so."

With an impressive 14-year tenure, Kelly Bradshaw is an integral part of KMF's team. Starting in the customer service department eight years ago, Kelly now offers a wealth of product experience as a purchasing assistant. By supporting colleagues with orders, chasing late deliveries, and ensuring materials are ready for production, she prevents disruptions across the entirety of the manufacturing process.

Kelly said: "My previous experience in customer service means that I understand the importance of deadlines. I'm constantly striving to ensure materials are delivered on time.

"I enjoy working at KMF as no two days are ever the same. I have also built some great friendships across the company. I think working with great people does make a difference!"

Purchase Ledger Administrator, Lynne Lloyd has worked at KMF for over 15 years and thrives at keeping tasks on track. Her duties include matching and processing supplier invoices, handling account queries, managing proforma payments, administering credit cards, and assisting the purchasing team.

By diligently managing supplier accounts, Lynne contributes to the health of the entire organisation. In her words, "Everyone's role is important to keep KMF happy, healthy, and moving forward.

"My favourite part about working at KMF is my colleagues. From the shop floor to the offices, we have some of the best people."

Retiree, Sharon Slater dedicated 13 years of her professional career to KMF as a purchase administrator. Throughout those years, Sharon's role was instrumental in shaping efficiency and the success of the purchasing department.

Reflecting on her years at KMF, Sharon commented: "I've created countless memories during my time at KMF. I'm proud to have worked with such an amazing team and of my contributions to the company."

As KMF continues to grow and set new industry benchmarks, it's evident that the purchasing team plays an integral role in the company's journey towards excellence. Their wealth of experience, strategic approach and collaborative spirit are vital to maintaining a consistent and competitive supply chain, and satisfying customer requirements.

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