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New panel bender ready for production at KMF

p4l panel bender at metal fabrication company kmf

Last month KMF Precision Sheet Metal made the final purchase of a record year of investment, with the acquisition of a Salvagnini P4lean-2516 Panel Bender.

This automated metal forming machine was delivered to our 190,000 sq ft metal fabrication facility in Staffordshire in April and will be ready for production during May.

The new Salvagnini P4lean Panel Bender replaced a previous P4 model installed in 2006 and is guaranteed to be a worthwhile investment with its impressive flexibility and efficiency improvements.

The new machine has several upgrades including CLA-SIM auxiliary blade command, MAC 2.0 to calculate suitable metal bending trajectories and a Patented Bending Formula which will automatically adjust a bend to any mechanical or thermal deformation.

This new metal forming machine will help KMF maintain its exceptional customer lead times and further improve productivity levels within the facility.

It will also ensure that we can work closely to ensure cost-effectiveness at the metal product design stage. It is recognised that 80% of the component cost is locked in during the design phase, so having a fast and flexible bending cell ensures our customers benefit from a competitive product.

Metal forming machine benefits

The Salvagnini machine can manufacture metal panels up to a maximum of 2500 mm long and form bends up to 165 mm high. A favoured feature of the P4 is its interactive graphics programming which will significantly ease tasks for KMF programmers thanks to its intuitive programming and 3D simulations of bending phases.

Also, the new metal bending machine offers automatic tool changing and the ability to switch from one operation to another in a few seconds. As a metal fabrication subcontractor, being able to complete small and large batches without manual tool changes will significantly improve the speed of processing and increase flexibility.

Market leading metal forming

KMF has the equipment and expertise to manufacture almost any metal formed product, and our new P4 Panel Bender will complement KMF's existing capacity, which currently includes 14 Trumpf TruBend machines and automated Trubend Cells; incorporating 110-ton press brakes and panel bending facilities.

Years of investment in sheet metal forming tools, hardware and a skilled workforce has put KMF Precision Sheet Metal at the forefront of sheet metal fabrication in the UK and Europe.

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