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Powder paint upgrade for KMF

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KMF is investing £900,000 into a new electrostatic powder painting facility.

The new plant will offer significant benefits in capacity, speed, reliability and powder coating performance.

The investment includes the complete replacement of the current powder coating plant with a high-efficiency curing oven, an F8 Sidetrack conveyor system and the installation of the QCS4 – Magic Cylinder Fast Colour change booth.

The new powder painting plant is complemented by an extensive range of the latest "Opti" technology electrostatic powder application equipment, all housed in a fully enclosed clean room.

Improved chemical pre-treatment

The main advantage of our new in-house paint facilities is the switch to a much-improved chemical pre-treatment process utilising the environmentally compliant, Oxsilan 9810/3.

Oxsilan gives a greater substrate protection layer which results in improved paint/substrate adhesion and dramatically enhanced corrosion resistance if the paint layer becomes scratched or damaged.

Benefits of the powder coating upgrade:

  • Super-fast colour change – colour change time from 20 seconds (spray to waste) to a few minutes (powder recovery)
  • Increased track speed up to 2.5 metres per minute
  • Excellent application quality thanks to the OptiSpray AP01 SIT pump technology
  • Continuous coating for higher efficiency and maximised productivity and edibility of the line
  • Enhanced plant efficiency for large volume production runs
  • Consistent results thanks to the library of application programs
  • Spray to waste or powder recovery operation

For all your powder coating, precision sheet metal and precision engineering requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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