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Metal manufacturing investments at KMF

At KMF Group, we continually evaluate our sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining processes and equipment to ensure we have the flexibility to meet our customers ever-changing requirements. We continually invest in new metal manufacturing technology to ensure we can fulfil customer projects with maximum efficiency, quality and speed.
Over the last 12 months we have invested over £800,000 in our metal manufacturing facilities and here's a summary of the top investments:

  • A New Beadblast Unit

Where?KMF Special Products (Dedicated to Stainless Steel fabrication. )
When? August 2019
Investment in a second fully integrated Beadblast Unit will accommodate the growing demand for bespoke, stainless steel fabrication and expand our capability to include larger products up to 4m x 2m.

  • 6 Additional Welding Bays

Where? KMF Precision Sheet Metal
When? Spring 2019
Addition of latest technology welding equipment (MIG & TIG) accommodated in six additional bays, adding a further 25% to existing weld capacity and improving current turnaround of smaller, simpler weld components.

  • Machine Tool Room

Where? KMF Precision Engineering
When?July 2019
Implemented a comprehensive tool store with tool vending to centralise the location of all tools, improving the efficiency of machine set up and ensuring better quality tooling for 'Right First Time' manufacture.

  • Enhanced Office Space

Where? KMF Precision Sheet Metal
When? January 2019
Major refurbishment of the main commercial offices, including investment in two additional meeting rooms and welfare facilities.

  • Mechanical Assembly Area

Where? KMF Precision Engineering
When? September 2019
Investment in an improved, dedicated assembly area at KMF Precision Engineering to expand current value-added assembly work. Features include one-piece flow for maximum efficiency, more control and speed.

  • TruBend 5130 Press Brake

Where? KMF Precision Sheet Metal
When? June 2019
Customer-specific investment in a second Trumpf TruBend 5130 Press Brake, located in the manufacturing cell of one of KMF's largest digital signage customers.

  • TruPunch 3000 & TruBend 5130

Where? KMF Precision Sheet Metal SLOVAKIA
When? July 2019
KMF Slovakia makes a double machinery investment in CNC Punching & Folding technology to continue sales growth, boost production speed, reduce the risk and significantly increase capacity.
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KMF is a fully-integrated, strategic sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining partner with around 500 staff deployed across three metal manufacturing plants in the UK & Slovakia. We deliver metal manufacturing and value-added solutions, such as value engineering, supply chain management and electro-mechanical integration to ambitious OEMs across the globe.

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