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Liam Smith joins the United Nation Mission in Cyprus

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KMF team member Liam Smith is embarking on a United Nations Mission to Cyprus. The mission is to help keep the peace between northern Turkish Cypriots and southern Greek Cypriots. This operation is one of the longest-running continuous operations the British Army has participated in. Liam will be patrolling the borders Buffer Zone, which extends approximately 180km across the island. In some parts of old Nicosia, it is only a few metres wide, while in others, it is a few kilometres wide. This area is restricted to the public, and no Greek or Turkish Cypriots are allowed inside. It is often described as 'frozen in time,' containing relics of past events. There are, old abandoned houses, cars and even an airport; this is because the residents were forced to flee the Buffer Zone due to increased conflict.

Assembly Operator Liam has been a dedicated part of the KMF team for 8 years. Whilst at KMF, Liam joined the Army Reserves 4 years ago, fulfilling one of his passions. The Army Reserves involves Liam attending camps once a month and a 2-week camp yearly. He also attends a parade on a Wednesday evening.

Liam is leaving us on the 14th of July for pre-deployment training on the 20th of July and will be flying to Cyprus in October. His pre-deployment training will prepare him for all eventualities, from patrol to public order.

KMF would like to wish Liam the best of luck on his deployment in Cyprus. We look forward to welcoming him back in 12 months.

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