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Movers and Shakers


It's been a whirlwind of a year but we have continued to focus on growth. To support our fast-paced forward trajectory we have enlisted two of our senior team to take on new roles to ensure 2021 continues to be successful.

Gary Sutton has taken on additional key responsibilities in addition to his role as Quality Manager. He will now also be responsible for Continuous Improvement and Digital Transformation within the Precision Sheet Metal side of the business. Pete Krynicki has moved from a technical support and programming position into the key role of Sheet metal Design Engineer.

Gary has been with KMF for over 21 years and worked his way up through many roles, starting his time with KMF as a CNC Operator. In expanding his role, Gary will be working to create a competitive advantage for our Customers through the improvement and digitisation of our systems and processes.

He said: "I will be integrating smart devices and live streamed data to improve our decision making processes. It will make our work streams flow better and our support systems more efficient, resulting in improved levels of customer service."

He added: "Working at KMF is fast-moving, challenging and every day is different. There are lots of opportunities for our staff to develop themselves, and I am excited about this new role."

Pete has also been with KMF for two decades, having started out as one of our first in-house apprentices.

His latest role as Design Engineer means that he is now responsible for designing new sheet metal components using 3D data, whereas before he would use the 3D data that was created for him. He said: "We operate in a couple of different ways regarding design. We can create designs entirely in-house for our customers, or we can work on the drawings with them, leveraging our advanced technology, so that they get the best possible product, in respect to cost and quality."

My new role is a natural evolution from Programming Engineer which is a role I have had for almost 10 years."

Pete has thoroughly enjoyed building his career with us and has been heavily involved in the setup of our Slovakian site and has enjoyed travelling with the company. He added: "It's great that I've been able to visit many other countries with KMF. I love working here, I have been very lucky in my career."

All of the moves are designed to ultimately make the experience our customers receive when working with us a mutually positive one.We're always working to make improvements and to be more competitive and we're looking forward to seeing the changes that the team will bring this year.

If you're interested in joining the KMF team, we're currently recruiting for a number of positions – apply here.

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