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KMF supports post-lockdown growth within the Telecommunications sector


The COVID-19 pandemic has placed renewed focus upon the telecommunications industry, highlighting the importance of our telecoms infrastructure upon the UK economy. Keith Nicholl, Commercial Director at KMF discusses the increased usage of communication technologies and how the infrastructure needs to support this huge upturn.

The demand for crucial services such as 5G and broadband technologies increased significantly during the height of the pandemic, with remote working, online retail, and the rising usage of entertainment and video conferencing platforms. The post-Covid world will continue to impact positively upon telecoms growth as such technologies continue to drive economies. Reliance by business on the telecommunications industry is clear as it continues to provide constantly evolving methods of connectivity technologies which facilitate reliable internal and external communications. In addition, as tech-savvy consumers we have adapted in our homes, streaming, and sharing high quality digital data, videos, photos, and music. With these increasing data volumes, IoT devices, and people using the internet, the development of communications technology is critical.

To ensure that the UK telecoms network infrastructure is future-ready, the roll-out of high speed 5G technology is key to contend with the demand and consumption of high-resolution content associated with high density IoT networks, including smart homes, cloud gaming and VR's often heavy-to-transfer content streaming. This technology also further drives the future development traditional digital media such as videos, pictures and music and new forms of media including virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR).

The lockdown period has highlighted the need for a robust communications networks that have the capacity to cope with both unexpected spikes in demand and long-term shifts in usage. To ensure this reliability KMF work closely with the telecoms and data centre sectors, manufacturing and supplying fully integrated and bespoke telecom and IP rated components. Operating to the highest BSI quality standards we manufacture a wide variety of custom-made, high performance products which are essential within this industry including:

  • Industrial grade comms cabinets and racks for professional data centres
  • 5G telecoms cabinetsFTTX/FTTH/FTTP outdoor and street cabinets
  • Telecoms alarm systems to protect mission-critical expensive telecoms equipment
  • Server rack and data cabinet accessories including data storage trays, shelves, roots, and plinths
  • Voltage supply and transmission devices to ensure a clean and reliable power supply to your equipment
  • Feeder pillars for robust and powerful power solutions
  • Power supply enclosures to ensure power supplies are safe and protected
  • Trackside cabinets and casing for the rail industry.

Our investment in highly specialised machinery allows our UK manufacturing facilities to offer state-of-the-art production and process controls to offer customised design options.   

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