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KMF Slovakia invest in new facility


KMF Precision Sheet Metal Slovakia has recently invested in a new metal fabrication and product assembly facility, allowing the European based manufacturer to expand its capabilities in 2018 and ensure customers benefit from more efficient product assembly and faster turnaround times.

Located a short distance away from KMF's main precision sheet metal fabrication site in Trencin, Slovakia, the brand-new manufacturing unit provides an additional 17,000 square ft of manufacturing space which will be dedicated to product assembly.

The new facility has extended fabrication capacity for KMF Slovakia's main fabrication site and allowed the installation of a new CNC stud welding machine, which alongside increased capacity, will allow KMF SRO to offer more a comprehensive and complex assembly service to customers across Europe.

The investment follows consistent turnover growth for the company over the last 12 months and beside the recruitment of a new Customer Service Manager, is hoped to drive the firm closer towards its ambitious growth targets.

The expansion now means the KMF Group employs a combined workforce of over 500 across 242,000 Sq. Ft of manufacturing space and enjoys a growing turnover of £35 Million.

Operations Director, Radim Vaculin said: "I have no doubt that KMF's new facility, dedicated to product assembly, will further improve the speed and quality of our product assembly service and provide the opportunity to expand our current fabrication service to include more complex metal product and component assembly."

"I firmly believe that KMF's focus on training, investment and willingness to innovate has helped us to grow the group and individual businesses over the last 12 months."


KMF (Precision Sheet Metal) Slovakia, with a 39,000 sq. ft facility and over 80 employees, is a competent European sheet metal fabrication company. The flexible manufacturing facility allows the design and manufacture of metal sheet parts and mechanical and welded assemblies, for various industry sectors including switchgear and forecourt equipment.

KMF Sheet Metal Slovakia allows KMF to deliver their leading sheet metal fabrication services to customers across Europe competitively and within exceptional lead times.

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