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KMF sees revenue increase of over £1.5m p.a. following EV charge point backing.

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Sub Contract specialist and sheet metal fabricator, KMF, has seen substantial growth of over £1.5m following its backing of the nationwide move towards increased availability of electric vehicle (EV) charge points.

Based in the Midlands, the firm is utilising its 24/7 high-volume capacity to support blue chip electric vehicle charge point manufacturers in response to the Government's drive towards zero emissions vehicles.

As the UK continues to adopt the use of reduced emissions vehicles, EV charge point manufacturers are looking for partners who have the breadth and depth of experience to meet their long-term needs.

Keith Nicholl, Commercial Director at KMF Group said: "In 2021, demand for electric vehicles soared by 78%. KMF welcomes this increased demand for its metal fabrication services and is well equipped to support the nine-year target towards a full roll out of zero emissions vehicles.

"The group's 255,000 sq. ft. of sheet metal and precision engineered component manufacturing facilities is ideal for the fabrication of weatherproof and vandal resistant EV charging stations."

KMF Group uses the latest machinery to deliver all the components that producers in the renewable energy sector need to manufacture and assemble sheet metal fabricated and metal engineered products.

Keith said: "Our design and engineering teams collaborate to produce a bespoke metal work solution for the industry. As we specialise in a range of materials and finishes, KMF can provide resilient housing for the innovative EV technology."

KMF have received an influx of enquiries regarding EV charge points since the Government's plans were announced and is now supplying some of the industry's leading manufacturers with precision engineered sheet metal.

This includes two of the UK's largest manufacturers of rapid EV charging infrastructure, which boasts partnerships with some of the leading electric vehicle manufacturers.

Keith commented: "Orders continue to increase quarter-on-quarter with batch orders which were running at £10,000 now hitting the £100,000 point, demonstrating how rapidly the market is growing.

"Growth is not limited to the UK as our purpose-built Slovakian facility has also recently secured a long-term contract to supply EV points to a global energy management and automation specialist.

"Internally, KMF has changed its company car fleet policy and has recently equipped its sites with EV chargers for use by its own fleet and also for its visitors looking to top up. With substantial investment in electric vehicles, we are passionate about renewable energy and its effects on the planet."

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