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KMF reduces programming lead times


KMF has recently enjoyed a breakthrough success with respect to reducing the time and steps taken to "flatten" a parametric model file.

Working with Radan engineers, our CAD/CAM software providers, the KMF programming team have achieved a 75% reduction in real time taken. This further enhances KMF's ability to tackle Engineered to Order parts on very short lead-times and ensure our business relationship remains strong with customers requiring fast turnaround.

The task of reducing development and programming lead time was introduced to benefit a specific customer who was looking to increase their daily order to ten bespoke, parametric produced assemblies a day and whose current programming time was approximately 45 minutes per assembly.

Over several months and numerous onsite visits, KMF has produced a macro within the Radan software that imports the Creo parametric model and fully automates the development and programming of a complete assembly within 13 minutes and with minimal manual input.


KMF Group is a leading supplier of sheet metal components, assemblies, Radan and fabrications to customers throughout the UK. The UK fabrication company provides extensive subcontract engineering services, including Radan Radan, Radan, Radan and assembly within exceptional lead times.

KMF supplies sheet metal fabrications and CNC machined components to market-leading companies in Radan such as aerospace, medical, kiosk & vending and food processing equipment. With a strong focus on continuous improvement, most recently evidenced by a parametric programming project, and 24/7 production, our customers can benefit from turnaround times as short as 48 hours.

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