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KMF supports manufacture of innovative heat pump technology


KMF Group are proud to support the manufacture of effective, energy efficient alternatives to heat UK homes.

Working towards a greener future, heating system manufacturers are continually investing in innovative technology to provide up-to-date and environmentally friendly heating and hot water requirements for the UK’s homes.

Heat pump installations are predicted to reach up to 600,000 a year in the 2030s with the UK Government set to offer households £5,000 grants to swap their old gas boilers for more eco-friendly alternatives.

Partnering with KMF provides a plethora of benefits to heating systems manufacturers while reducing the potential risks associated with offshoring products of this nature.

At KMF, we have a long history of collaboration with customers design teams to reduce the cost of manufacturing by leveraging the use of the latest sheet metal and machining technology.

Our extensive UK-based facilities mean that we can achieve flexible and transparent manufacturing, reduced shipping of bulky components, competitive prices and reliable lead times. Collaboration with our UK based design and engineering teams also makes for efficient product lifecycle management and control.

We continue to invest in leading technology such as laser cutting, punching, CNC metal forming, welding and powder coating which allows us to continually improve our manufacturing offer and to remain competitive on a global scale.

Recent global events have posed significant challenges to extended supply chains with logistics delays, shortages and increased costs. KMF offers a reliable and well proven UK facility which can accommodate large-scale projects over the short, medium and long terms.

We have more than 240,000 sqft of manufacturing space for subcontract metal fabrication and CNC machining – all of which can be viewed by our prospective partners.

With long-term product development in mind, our experienced engineers provide a bespoke and collaborative solution to tackling the UK’s energy crisis, allowing more environmentally friendly and innovative solutions to enter the UK market.

Manufacturers can be confident that KMF has the expertise to work with system designers to deliver to budget and on time.

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