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KMF invests in a laser punch machine

trumatic 6000 cnc punching machine

KMF Precision Sheet Metal has invested in a brand new Trumpf Trumatic 6000. This robust punch laser machine masters every task with reliability and productivity and is estimated to be up and running in our Staffordshire facility, by the end of January.

KMF has invested heavily in automation over the last three years, with £2.8 million spent at KMF Precision Sheet Metal and £4 million across the whole KMF group, to further improve our impressive lead time of 10-15 days and reduce error.

For this reason, we were stunned to read that the UK is in the slow lane in terms of automation.

The Internet of things (IoT) is transforming the modern manufacturing plant into a hive of automated data transfer, facilitating lean manufacturing, quicker decision-making and smarter maintenance repairs. However, IFR World Robotics (2015) have reported that Britain is lagging behind competitors overseas.

The UK's number of automated robots is drastically lower than fellow European countries, Germany, Sweden and Italy. There are concerns UK manufacturers are failing to see the business benefits of automated manufacture.

Fortunately, at KMF we understand it is important to utilise new technologies and automation, in order to add value to our services and ensure consistently high quality and efficiency. Our customers can subsequently benefit from the increased consistency of output, improved quality control and flexibility to produce both small and large batch sizes.

The number of tasks carried out by robots is predicted to increase by 15% by 2025 (UK Manufacturing Review, 2016/17), an increase we are sure will benefit both KMF and the sheet metal industry.

Benefits of KMF's new automated Trumatic 6000, include:

  • Productive punch processing with a max. stroke rate of 1000 1/min
  • Intelligent software functions such as the punch monitoring system, allow the highest process reliability
  • Sheet Master: Automatic loading and unloading facilitate fully-automatic production shifts, to provide a more reliable and cost-effective production process. Competitiveness of producing large batches is also improved.
  • Tool Master: A fully automated solution for rapid processing of complex jobs with multiple tool changes, provides substantial benefits in flexibility and tool capacity and supports unmanned operation.

To hear about KMF's other automated machines, or to download a complete plant list visit the sheet metal fabrication pages.

** The internet of things: The concept of basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet

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