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UK manufacturing support for coronavirus pandemic

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As the government lifts lockdown restrictions, KMF has also begun to increase its capacity while taking the necessary precautions to keep our workforce and customers safe.

We are now working 24/7 opening capacity for new customers who require UK-based metal manufacturing support and enabling customers to receive fast, high-quality products on-time.

All businesses across the KMF Group (KMF Precision Sheet Metal, KMF Precision Engineering & KMF Precision Sheet Metal Slovakia) are implementing necessary procedures to mitigate virus exposure and help protect staff, community, customers and suppliers. These include:

  • Restricting all non-essential KMF business travel
  • Suspending all non-essential customer and supplier visits to KMF and facilitating any vital meetings through Teams & Skype software
  • Actively practising social distancing within the workplace
  • Allowing those who can work from home to work remotely
  • Significantly increasing cleaning procedures and ensuring the setup and maintenance of sanitation stations throughout the workplace

KMF has capacity and flexibility for metal manufacturing for your industry, and we are here to support your needs during this challenging time.

We are actively monitoring this global situation and will react quickly accordingly to developments.

We also recognise that with the growing COVID-19 situation, many UK supply chains will currently be facing serious challenges regarding their current supply of goods and will be trying their best to manage their way through the upcoming weeks and months.

We can offer UK manufacturing support to any OEMs who may usually source metal manufacturing from European facilities but desperately require short to medium term manufacturing supply here in the UK.

If you have any questions or enquiries, please feel free to contact us via your dedicated contacts or visit our website for further information.

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