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Charities of Fire: KMF fundraising rockets on Bonfire Night

KMF bonfire night flames

The traditions of Bonfire Night and the paraphernalia it brings with it are thoroughly relished by staff at KMF Sheet Metal Engineering.

Each year employees are invited to celebrate the annual event with family and friends at a spectacular display hosted by the company.

An impressive bonfire is lit; food and drink are made available, and a live band entertains the crowd before a breathtaking fireworks display lights up the sky.

The children get glow-in-the-dark goodies, enjoy a Guy Fawkes competition, and tuck into lots of sweets and lollies.

No expense is spared as the night goes with a bang and spectators are 'wowed' by what most consider to be the best fireworks display in town.

Apart from the exceptional fireworks, the most impressive aspect of the evening is always the amount of money raised for charity.

This year, three charities benefit from the night. The Alice Charity, North Staffs Carers and the Peter Pan Centre all get gift donations of £1,055.

All of these charities work exceptionally hard to help provide better opportunities for both children and adults in less fortunate circumstances than ourselves. KMF has worked with these charities throughout the year and will continue its support them in the future.

Jane Harding, Chief Executive Officer of North Staffs Carers, commented: "North Staffs Carers Association relies heavily on the support of businesses like KMF to enable us to continue to provide vital and much-needed services to both young and adult carers. Without their support, we would not be able to do what we do. KMF have paid a primary role over the past 12 months in enabling us to continue our good work. KMF apprentices have worked tirelessly; helping us in so many ways. We cannot thank them enough."

If you would like to donate to any of the charities mentioned in this article, please visit their websites.

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