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KMF appoints new Business Development Manager


Ashley Mulby has joined the KMF team taking on the role of Business Development Manager to support the group's ongoing growth plans.

Joining from Congleton-based Heamar, where Ashley developed relationships in the aerospace, military and motorsport sectors, he has transferred the skills and knowledge learned working with these industries to KMF, which also operates with the same types of businesses.

Ashleyhas been tasked with finding new customers, developing existing relationships and increasing sales.

He said: "I'm really enjoying working at KMF, I really wanted to work with a manufacturer. To be able to sell a product that your company makes rather than working as a distributor is brilliant. I can feel proud of what I'm selling and it's fantastic seeing something go from the raw material on the shop floor to a perfectly finished product.

"KMF is a well-known company locally and I had really wanted to work here. I have a background working within their industries and I also completed an apprenticeship in CNC machining, so my knowledge of the sector is great which really helps with my day-to-day role."

Ashley is spending his first month on the shop floor to truly understand the product and processes and to build relationships with his colleagues.

Gareth Higgins, Managing Director at KMF Group, said: "We're really pleased to welcome Ashley to KMF. He's made a great impression so far and we're thrilled to see him working on the shop floor to fully understand the business. We appreciate that dedication and initiative and look forward to what he can bring to the business."

Ashley believes communication is key to this role and said it's one of his core skills, adding: "Being able to communicate with customers and your colleagues is so important. I can speak to anyone from the guys on the shop floor up to the managing director of a company."

In terms offuture plans, Ashley aspires to receive a coveted KMF award for long service. He said: "I want to grow with the company and help to grow it too. The amount of people here who're celebrating 25+ years is brilliant, and I wanted to be with an employer I can have that longevity with."

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