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Introducing our experts behind the integration and product assembly department


Due to an upsurge in client demand, KMF's assembly area has reached new heights and has doubled in size, now boasting a dedicated customer facility to harvest electrical and mechanical integration services. KMF is proud to offer a one-stop-shop solution for its clients within the telecommunications, HVAC equipment and food processing industry, removing the requirement for multiple manufacturers.

Engineering Team Leader, Gordon Voller, has worked at KMF for 11 years and plays a vital role in leading electrical and mechanical integration. During his time in the electrical engineering industry, Gordon curated a vast amount of valuable knowledge which was further developed during his progression at KMF Group.

Starting his career on a youth training scheme, Gordon's career was established through on-the-job experience rather than academic qualifications. His determination and drive saw him quickly soar up the career ladder and provided him with the opportunity to work for a global manufacturing specialist where he would train a team of his own. These key experiences have brought him to where he is today, presenting him with the skills to teach and nurture his team members at KMF Group.

When talking about his roles and responsibilities, Gordon commented "I am very precious of my reputation because I have worked hard to be where I am. Ultimately, my reputation is what keeps me going."

Today, Gordon's role as Engineering Team Leader at KMF sees him communicating with a plethora of people, including co-workers from purchasing, quality control, business development and customer service. Managing two teams in the electrical and mechanical assembly department, Gordon's previous experience puts him as the point of contact for clients, where he makes decisions on whether KMF can integrate specific components for its clients.

KMF is one of the only UK sheet metal manufacturers that offer a substantial mechanical and electrical integration department. Being equipped to integrate complex components including fuse boxes, interactive screens, switch gear and load bank assemblies, can secure KMF long-standing contracts.

When talking about what sets KMF apart from the rest, Gordon commented "A lot of our competitors don't have an integration department. If they do it is often extremely limited and mechanically orientated. KMF offers both electric and mechanical integration, creating a niche in the marketplace.

Utilising integration services not only strengthens partnerships, but it makes it economic for our clients, and futureproofs the services that we offer."

Partnering with KMF removes the need for multiple subcontractors, meaning our clients can benefit from a full range of services, whether that be design, build, integration, or delivery. Providing fully tested assemblies and lower-level sub-assembly, customers have confidence in KMF's capabilities. Rather than sourcing capabilities elsewhere, clients can put their full trust into KMF which in turn strengthens customer relationships and builds long-term partnerships. Useful for clients who do not have the capacity in their own facility, the integration services expand our client's capabilities.

KMF delivers a truly flexible, and bespoke service for all metal manufacturing requirements. Our many years of experience in the industry and highly qualified and experienced team provide confidence for our customers in all industries.

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