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How is automated machinery improving manufacturing?


KMF invests over £9m into automation to offer a competitive solution for its clients.

In the world of manufacturing, the introduction of robotic machinery has drastically improved production efficiency and speed. Beneficial for companies of all sizes, automation is becoming not only more prevalent but more dependable. Offering an opportunity to enhance the quality and capacity of components, automation allows machines to work continuously 24/7, with no interruptions. Requiring little to no human participation, automation is a reliable tool for businesses looking to increase manufacturing capacity. So, how important is it to partner with a manufacturer that invests heavily in automation?

Head of Business Development at KMF Group, Adam Ellis, said: "Technological advancements remain a focus of our business strategy. By automating production, our processes are transparent and efficient at all times, allowing us to stay at the forefront of the industry.

"The latest addition of two Mazak Quick Turn 250MS lathes compliments our suite of automated machinery. This equipment strengthens our efforts to streamline operations and provides an extremely cost-effective solution for our customers."

KMF Group have transformed its sheet metal fabrication and machining processes through robotic equipment. The firm's industry-leading technology spans across multiple locations throughout the UK and Europe, totalling 212,000 sq. ft of manufacturing space. Its world-class facilities and equipment allow parts to be laser cut, machined, punched, formed and finished with ultimate accuracy. Providing a quick turnaround for its customers in a range of industries, KMF's facilities run day and night.

The use of advanced and automated metal punching equipment sets new standards for flexibility, productivity and reliability. Offering a fast punching solution, the Trumpf TruPunch 5000 is suitable for almost any shape or punching requirement. With the ability to punch up to 1,6000 hits per minute, production is accelerated, leading to decreased lead times. Removing the requirement for individual operator input, the latest Trumpf machinery offers significant cost advantages over stand-alone machines. KMF is home to five CNC automated punching machines, with tower storage, ensuring parts are pierced with precision and speed. Boasting manual and automated solutions, KMF can select the most appropriate manufacturing process to meet its customers' requirements.

"Our six STOPA Materials Towers are capable of storing 90 tonnes of raw sheet metal in each. This provides us with a 60% improvement in efficiency compared to manual methods." Commented Adam Ellis.

Offering an automatic solution for metal forming, the Salvagnini P4L Bender increases productivity with its automatic bending and handling cycles. Featuring 3D simulation and automated tool changing, the P4L can achieve unique geometries that exceed press brake forming capabilities. Using the latest Salvagnini bending technology, KMF can manufacture metal panels up to 2500mm long and form bends up to 165mm high. From one-off prototypes to large-scale batch runs, it can bend metal in a wide range of materials and sizes.

Metal finishing is an essential part of the sheet metal fabrication journey. To ensure maximum quality, powder coating provides a durable, attractive and even surface to metal parts. The GEMA automatic powder coating booth works intelligently to coat materials quickly with a pre-set program. KMF houses an electrostatic automated powder coating plant, offering fast turnaround times with reliable delivery. The full range of automated services consists of in-line pre-treatment, a drying oven and three powder coating booths linked by two separate conveyor systems and stoving ovens. The powder coating process ensures the working environment is clear and products are finished at a quicker pace, allowing the team to upscale production.

KMF has seen high-value benefits from utilising automated laser cutting, CNC punching, metal forming and finishing machinery. As technology advances and becomes more accessible, automation is replacing what were previously manual tasks. The increasing demand for automated machinery is here to stay and will continue to grow into the future.

Based in the UK, KMF offers a flexible and reliable sheet metal fabrication solution for manufacturers looking to upscale their production and capacity. With extensive in-house technology and capabilities, they are truly a one-stop-shop metalwork partner. To discuss a metal manufacturing requirement, contact us.

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