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The faces behind KMF – Kathy Durcan


At KMF we're committed to providing quality products alongside exceptional customer service. One of the people that helps to make that happen is Business Relationship Manager Kathy Durcan.

Kathy has been with KMF for 22 years. She's come full circle in her role and has been able to relay over two decades of experience to her team of six in the customer services department.

Always looking to grow and challenge herself, Kathy has a colourful background, travelling around Australia, beginning her career as a hairdresser and working in the hospitality sector. All of which helped her to develop the strong people skills which make her the perfect fit as KMF's Business Relationship Manager.

Kathy comments: "I was approached by KMF in 1998 and joined as a coordinator. I have worked my way up through a variety of roles, including office manager and Business Development Manager, a position I held for 12 years. The customer facing BDM role in particular gave me the breadth and depth of insight that I needed to roll out a model for a first-class customer journey with my team.

"KMF has always put the customer first with an emphasis on delivering excellent customer service over the full length of the relationship. My long experience gained from the BDM role helps me to understand what the customer really wants and needs. We recognise that every customer is subtly different in their exacting requirements. I can ensure that our manufacturing and support teams receive all of the relevant information they need in a timely manner so that the customer has one smooth interaction with us.

"My team and I have great relationships both inside KMF and with our customers. KMF is highly customer focused, and my team and I try our very best to take it to the next level every day. We are fully integrated into production via our powerful ERP system which tracks the status of every single job in manufacturing and we couple this real time information with daily structured meetings. Ourcommunication has continued to get stronger and stronger enabling our customers to have a full view of their project from beginning to end.

"KMF as a business is so supportive to its staff as well as to our customers. Our staff retention rate is testament to that. I have team members who've been here longer than me, and many of the others have been with us over 10 years. The majority of our customers have also been with us long-term too.

"Kathy takes a lot of pride in her work and views the customer service team as the "core" of KMF.To speak with Kathy or someone else in her team contact us today on: 01782 569060.

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