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Electric vehicles more popular than diesel

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Electric vehicles have overtaken diesel vehicles in terms of consumer demand for the first time since entering the car market, according to

There is a vast selection of new electric cars on the market, and as manufacturers invest in new technology, consumers are benefitting from faster charging times, longer ranges and competitive prices. This makes electric vehicles more practical and affordable to a wider range of motorists than ever before.

In 2021, demand for plug-in hybrids soared by 78%, whilst demand for diesel vehicles plummeted by 13%. This follows the government’s announcement to ban the sales of petrol and diesel fuelled cars by 2030. It would seem that consumers are keen to stay ahead of the curve.

Following the explosion of the electric vehicle market, and the improvements to battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plugin hybrids, demand for electric vehicle charge points has also increased. The UK government are supporting this by offering grants both to individuals and local authorities to install electric vehicle charge points.

Although concerns have been raised by the Transport and Environment (T&E) group that UK car manufacturers need to be better prepared for the electric vehicle market, the UK’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure is charging ahead. KMF Group have invested heavily in sheet metal machinery to support the creation of 35,000 EV charging points in the UK. KMF Group work as manufacturing partners to provide custom metal fabrication on a considerable range of high-quality sheet metal products, from charging station heads to pedestal bases.

KMF Group’s 255,000 sq ft of metal manufacturing facilities, including state of the art sheet metal machinery is ideal for the manufacture of weatherproof and vandal resistant EV charging stations. The plant list (link) features CNC laser cutting machines, automated CNC sheet metal bending machines, and MIG and TIG welding robots which provide a one-stop-shop solution capable of creating a vast range of exceptional quality sheet metal fabrication products, suitable for the manufacture of electric vehicle charging units.

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