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Digital journey engineered for industry giant provides a precise solution


Precision engineering solutions firm, KMF Group has further improved its customer service for one of its longest standing and largest customers.

International provider of energy infrastructure equipment, Schneider Electric is now benefiting from a new automated system that will increase the speed and accuracy of all of its bookings.

KMF has been focussing on joining up digital systems for both order entry and job control which means Schneider Electric can now use a portal where both parties can access demand and view progress updates. A full line by line status is now transparent so the order can be completely tracked from beginning to end.

Keith Nicholl, Commercial Director at KMF Group said: "Sometimes customers place orders and they're very complex in terms of numbers. This new joined up approach should help reduce risks such as inputting wrong order numbers or quantities for example.

"Previously, up to 70 order logs were manually added so now we take orders electronically using an ERP system. We develop a data migration template which electronically transfers information.

"KMF has also included an ASN (Advanced Shipping Notification) making their relationships with clients truly full service. Real time shipping information summarises all of the jobs in transit on a particular day. These are booked into the customer's premises using a single QR code. It means the customer can track the orders and see what products are coming and at what time.

This new digital integration gives the customer great advantages from a speed and accuracy point of view as well as full electronic traceability from order placement to goods receipt.

Giovanni Torino from Schneider Electric said: "KMF UK has been very fast and supportive to follow the aim of Schneider Electric to increase the digital interaction with all our suppliers. After deployment of PO acknowledgement process in our web-portal called SSP they were ready to implement Advance Shipping Notification with our plants at Swindon.

"This latest functionality provides mutual benefit as goods reception process will be much more accurate and fast. Thanks again to all KMF UK team for the collaboration on this digital journey.

"This new digital integration is now being rolled out to more of KMF's key customers.

Keith added: "KMF is well placed to integrate these systems into its day to day practice due to the flexibility of its Epicor 10 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.

"We're looking to extend the use of digital technology in our factories and begin further integration into key customers systems."

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