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Apprentice Kayleigh Simm

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In 2010, it was reported that only 10.5% of women worked in engineering compared to 16.5% in 2022.

At KMF, we wanted to introduce our Apprentice Kayleigh Simm, who joined us in August 2022. Kayleigh is the only woman in her class but, that does not stop her drive and passion for engineering. From a young age, Kayleigh has had a keen interest in engineering from watching engineering TV programmes with her dad. She wanted to learn how to make the products she was seeing on the TV.

Engineering is difficult but, my love and passion for it has made me want to carry on!

Prior to KMF, Kayleigh undertook a Level 3 BTEC in advanced manufacturing engineering which was mainly theory based. The course was a good steppingstone in her career and further fuelled her passion for engineering.

KMF was her next step, having viewed the factory at one of our open days, heard good reviews and wanted hands on and practical experience. The award-winning Apprenticeship at KMF allows Kayleigh to meet like-minded individuals all with the same passion and drive for engineering and learning through on-the-job experience. Kayleigh may be the only girl but, she is adamant it does not faze her.

Men think because I am small, I will struggle but I prove them wrong time and time again.

Kayleigh is now applying all the theory learnt in lessons and on her BTEC within our factory where she is learning to weld, use CNC programming and punching. Then going onto to learn how to use a Press Brake. Kayleigh said within her career she is looking forward to;

Making the products! I have been taught previously how to do this with theory, but I want to know how to physically make it. I am not great yet, but I am learning!

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