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The Apprentice: Ashley Gaunt

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At KMF, we are justifiably proud that our Apprenticeship programme has been recognised by the National Apprenticeship Service as 'World-Class' and has hundreds of applications every year. But winning awards and titles isn't why we do what we do...

We do it because apprentices add so much to the KMF community. They help us to provide the next generation of new, technology-led engineering specialists and have brought the likes of innovation, increased productivity, and improved staff retention to all departments within KMF.

Someone who is nearing that milestone is Maintenance/Electrical Apprentice, Ashley Gaunt. However, his apprenticeship journey so far has been slightly different to most others within the company...

Ashley, 20, lives in Leighton near Crewe and after leaving Sandbach Boys High School joined another company on a Domestic and Industrial Apprenticeship, but it was one that he didn't particularly enjoy. In April of last year, Ashley joined KMF to complete his apprenticeship, and we have been delighted with his progress. Ashley states that...

"I wanted an opportunity as a Maintenance/Electrical Apprentice, and I knew about the fantastic reputation that the KMF Apprenticeship scheme has in the area..."

Through hard work and determination, Ashley now only has two Apprenticeship exams to finish – one next month and one in the summer – and then he will be qualified. He appreciates that at KMF, we offer a variety of pathways to our apprentices, with each one that completes their apprenticeship being offered employment within the company.

One aspect of life at KMF for Ashley is the role of the team he is a part of. He is really appreciative of the support that he has had from within the company, and comments...

"I know that there are different pathways that apprentices at KMF can take, and that's one of the reasons that I joined, but what I think sets the company apart from others is the support and guidance that I get.

Chris Dodd is my Team Leader and gives me lots of help and advice, as does Ian Llewellyn who has been like an unofficial mentor to me at times. I was focussing heavily on domestic in my previous job and I needed people to show me the ropes – Chris, Ian and others have done just that."

Ashley is rightly proud of the work that he has undertaken on his Apprenticeship portfolio, which took him two years to complete. Amongst his responsibilities at KMF are the likes of repairs, maintenance, and power supplies for new machines, and Ashley adds, "...and once qualified – I'm looking forward to being able to test and inspect the work that I'm doing and to sign work off.

I really enjoy the atmosphere at KMF, and really like that the company has placed me on several courses to develop me – including a Cherry Picker course, Scissor Lift course, Thermal Camera course..and I'm looking to go on a Data engineering course, too.

I feel that I am trusted in what I do here at KMF, and that means a lot to me. As for the future, I obviously want to stay at KMF and have aspirations of helping to train future apprentices – as I have learned so much from those that have helped me."

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