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Affordable Food Stoke

affordable food stoke

Affordable Food Stoke have been reducing food waste and feeding the community since 2017. Based in Blurton, Stoke-on-Trent, their mission is simple: to reduce food waste in Stoke-on-Trent and to feed families.

Now in their eighth year, co-founders Nikki and Duane Barrett set up Affordable Food to collect, save, and use surplus food that would have otherwise been thrown away or wasted, and put it to good use feeding the people of Stoke-on-Trent.

Since January 2023, Affordable Food Stoke have collected and handed out over 70,826kg of surplus food, the equivalent of 170,132 meals – a saving of 220,060kg of CO2 savings. In January 2024, 1050 individuals went through their doors, and they supported 862 families – a total of 2651 family members. Amazing work!

At KMF, we are always delighted to champion those who champion our community, and so were more than happy to collect some food for Duane and Nikki last week, with Duane coming in to collect the bags from our headquarters in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Duane commented that... "Business support is invaluable and enables charities like ours to do what we do. Community means we are all pulling together – and community is what we are all about, so many thanks to the wonderful staff at KMF!"

Whilst not their aim, Affordable Food Stoke has won numerous awards for its fantastic work, including in the last year: Community Cafe of the Year; Staffordshire University Business Awards Charity Business of the Year; Staffordshire University Business Awards Team of the Year; VAST Totally Stoked Biggest Impact Award; and was recently voted one of the Stoke City Community Trust Community Champions.

Affordable Food Stoke is now a charitable organisation and considered one of the friendliest places in Stoke-on-Trent. They have an outstanding reputation and work tirelessly to ensure that everyone that visits can go home and put food in their bellies. Their services include a foodbank, daily free food, a social supermarket, community cafe, a warm space/lounge, and Friday dining. Speaking of their social supermarket (No.87) – it was established three years ago and is a regular supermarket except for one big difference.... It is membership only, and once a member you are able to buy 10 items for just £4.50 per week. It's yet another great way that Affordable Food Stoke help families and people to make their money go further.

Affordable Food Stoke with Nikki, Duane, and their 32 amazing volunteers are a shining community light in The Potteries, and at KMF, we are absolutely delighted to support them.

Affordable Food Stoke
77-81 Meaford Drive, Blurton, ST3 2BB
07392 054 149

Opening Times

Free Food – Tuesday to Saturday 10-12pm.
Community Lounge – Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 10-12pm (with free tea/coffee/toast).
Emergency Food Parcels – Available via request.
Social Supermarket – Membership only supermarket. Thursday 1-4pm, Friday 11-2pm, Saturday 10-12pm. We currently have no spaces available, but if someone wanted to join us we could place them on the waiting list.

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