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Adam Ellis bolsters career growth as new Head of Business Development at KMF Group


In 2011, Adam Ellis joined KMF at the young age of eighteen and enrolled in KMF's four-year apprenticeship scheme. From this moment he was welcomed into the KMF family and kick-started his career through in-house dedicated training and advanced manufacturing facilities.

During his apprenticeship, Adam worked throughout a range of departments, including laser cutting, metal forming, punching and welding. Moving through a variety of departments provided Adam with a stronger and deeper understanding of KMF's capabilities. By joining the apprenticeship scheme, he gained valuable 'on-the-job' experience as well as professional qualifications. After completing his apprenticeship he was awarded an NVQ and VRQ Level 3 in metal fabrication and welding. These qualifications provided him with the basic knowledge and experience to progress throughout his academic journey and advance forward in his career at KMF.

When talking about his experience as an apprentice at KMF group, Adam stated: "The apprenticeship scheme has given me a good understanding of the processes involved at KMF Group which is now beneficial when taking on new customers in my current role, as I have a thorough knowledge of KMF's capabilities."

After completing his apprenticeship, Adam's first role at KMF's Advanced Solutions saw him as a Press Brake Operator. His role involved folding components required for the aerospace industry, operating high-tech sheet metal-forming machines, and innovative computer software. This specific position gave him an insight into the tolerances required for metal-formed products from small parts with a single fold, to larger more complex parts with many bends.

Adam's next role at KMF saw him promoted to Sales Engineer, where his duties took a vital shift and he was then involved in the planning of the manufacturing process. Once customer drawings had been received, it was his duty to provide the best method of manufacture to clients.

When explaining his responsibilities as a Sales Engineer at KMF, Adam commented: "After receiving customer drawings I would use this information to propose the best method of manufacture. This in turn gives the sales team a base sell cost and generates the route card for the production teams." During this role, he also worked closely with a project manager to oversee key projects and samples which allowed Adam to follow KMF's processes from start to finish and gain further insight into the functionality of the company.

Due to his determination to succeed, Adam's next stage of his career saw him advance to Business Development Manager. During this position, his responsibilities soared as he was involved in supervising key customer accounts and tasked with finding new business opportunities. Adam's deep understanding of the sheet metal fabrication market and broad knowledge of competitors allowed him to excel in this role. His commitment to the position saw him bringing new business on board and adding to his client portfolio.

Fast-forward to today, his dedication and enthusiasm has landed him a promotion to Head of Business Development. Although his day-to-day tasks have not altered too much, Adam's responsibility has further increased as he is now responsible for managing and nurturing members of the team. Not only does he offer support to his co-workers when required, but he is also now involved in regular management meetings to discuss current sales, forecasted figures and new business opportunities.

When reflecting on his time at KMF, Adam describes his favourite elements of the company. "The best part about working at KMF is the people that I work with on a daily basis. Having eleven years' experience at KMF helps as I know most of the workforce and I can talk to a lot of people on a personal and professional level." It is apparent that during his time at KMF, Adam thrived through the unrivaled environment of advanced manufacturing facilities and world-class training opportunities available at KMF.

In terms of future plans for KMF, Adam's drive for personal and workplace progression has not ceased yet as he urges to grow with the company and develop further skills. When describing his career ambitions, Adam exclaimed that he is now working towards his next milestone and is looking to achieve the Commercial Director Role when available to him.

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