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Getting a taste for work at KMF

Apprentice workshop at KMF Training Centre

KMF (Precision Sheet Metal) is extending an invitation to Year 10 students to apply for a place on the Newcastle-under-Lyme company's innovative work experience scheme.

The scheme at KMF is much more wide-ranging than traditional work placements and involves students experiencing life across the full spectrum of the company's activities.

Applications for places on the KMF work experience scheme are welcomed from any Year 10 student, but the company is particularly interested in those that have a particular interest in engineering and would like to gain a general overview of what is involved in working in the manufacturing sector and the possibilities that it can present for career development.

The Year 10 students will spend significant time working alongside KMF engineering and quality teams, as well as spending a day with the company's existing apprentices in its training centre and apprentice workshop.

A further two days are given over to placements on the shop floor, where students can experience real-life manufacturing covering all aspects of precision sheet metal production.

Finally, a half-day is spent gaining theoretical and practical advice on preparing a CV, letter writing and interview techniques.

"The added value of getting students directly involved with a wide range of skills and people, as well as the involvement of our training team in helping them to prepare for the day when they need to apply for work, makes our scheme much better than traditional work experience placements," says Jenny Conlon, KMF's Training Centre Manager.

"When a student has completed a placement at KMF they leave with a report on their participation. This covers many aspects of their time here and will be of a benefit to them if they choose to apply for an apprenticeship here at KMF, or anywhere else."

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