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KMF super six quit smoking

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Six colleagues at KMF (Precision Sheet Metal) have successfully managed to stop smoking and have inspired a further six employees to do the same.

By using Stop4Life the free NHS funded smoking cessation service; the workers were able to quit smoking by attending three months of work-placed support and weekly check-up sessions.

The six friends have helped each other through the three-month process and are now thrilled to be classed as non-smokers.

Dianne Hibell, a team leader and who others have called the "Mother Hen" and driving force of the group, was more than happy with their triumph.

"It's been great, everyone has been motivating and supporting each other; I'm not sure I could have done it on my own. The company must be benefiting too as I'm obviously doing more work and not taking as many smoking breaks," she said.

There are over one million work days lost each year in the UK due to tobacco-related conditions, and more and more companies are turning to smoking cessation services like Stop4life.

Stop4life is an NHS funded, stop smoking service in the Midlands and offers a range of free workplace based one-to-one and group behavioural support. Partakers in the service are given free nicotine replacement treatments, such as nicotine patches, mints and gum.

The service also provides a weekly drop-in clinic within the workplace in which employees are helped by having to complete a CO2 level test.

Les Jackson, the smoking cessation adviser who was working with the KMF employees, is optimistic about the future. "There's a team ethic and a level of peer support which is hard to find outside of the workplace. I'm just part of their team. Stop4Life works for them. They have shown the way forward for the next team. The help is now available to everyone in the workplace, and they've made good use of it."

Jason Condliffe, 36, was one of the first six employees to complete the program and had been a smoker for 23 years. "I think knowing that you're going to have to pass the test every week was great and a huge help. The kids didn't like me smoking and it cost me over £45 a week which I really couldn't afford."

"It's been fantastic; we've all been on each other's toes, not wanting to be the one to crack first. I've noticed a massive change in my health, especially my ability to recover after exercise" he said.

KMF is one of several companies in the region leading the way through their company wellness policy by accommodating a Stop4life clinic after recognising the benefits of having a smoke-free workplace.

By using experts in behavioural change, Stop4life has been successfully helping large employers in The Midlands — such as Coventry University; UniPart, Kautex, Dupré Minerals, Phones4U — as well as many smaller businesses, and are now offering our NHS funded service to organisations in Stoke-on-Trent; Staffordshire, Sandwell and Worcestershire.

Using the workplace setting to encourage and support people to stop smoking has created a win-win situation for everyone — better health, increased productivity, improved staff morale, a pleasant working environment and a good corporate image.

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More information on Stop4Life
Stop4Life can provide on-going support for anyone who wants help to stop smoking in Coventry, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire and Sandwell. This includes working with you to create a personalised quit smoking plan, tailored around your lifestyle.

Our support can typically include:

  • One to one support
  • Setting goals and overcoming obstacles
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy
  • On-going motivational support
  • Help managing cravings and stress

Our friendly team can offer you the following range of services, tailored to suit your individual business needs.

  • Provide information sessions and advice direct to employees such as manned information stands and short talks.
  • Offer a workplace Stop4Life service work time.
  • Provide information to workplaces on how employees can access the Stop4Life services in their community
  • Train key individuals in the workplace (health and safety advisers, union reps, occupational health professionals, human resources, etc.) in brief intervention training to help support new and existing employees in their quit attempts
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