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KMF staff cash in on suggestions

KMF contributors Productivity Share Scheme 7

KMF (Precision Sheet Metal)'s Productivity Share Scheme goes from strength to strength, with 165 employees sharing a pot of over £105,000.

The Productivity Share Scheme (PSS) is now firmly established as KMF's preferred vehicle for encouraging, capturing and sustaining employee led improvements across all activities undertaken at KMF.

The success of the scheme is measured by the fact that some 260 employees signed up for PSS4 in April 2013 and embarked on the challenge of delivering improvements to the productivity of the specialist sheet metal manufacturer.

The key to the project is the fact that employees are not only making suggestions but also becoming involved in their actual implementation and delivery.

At the end of the12-month process not every suggestion is accepted and tough and critical analysis is undertaken for each idea put forward.

The successful ideas are quantified and converted to a financial value, which this year came to an incredible £455,581.80 which was shared between the company and the 165 employees whose projects met all the criteria, with each individual getting £640 each as a mark of appreciation for successfully completing the challenge.

Ideas put forward included an alternative source and method of ordering the factory's milk supplies, through the redesign of jigs and fixtures that allowed cycle times to be dramatically reduced, to suggestions to match customer order quantities to sheet yields, improvement to transportation solutions, engineer out quality fixes and improving information provision.

"For KMF the Productivity Share Scheme is a positive indicator that the investment the company is making in engaging with the various teams in the business, under the banner of 'let's make it better' really works. The scheme is relatively simple to administer, but it produces mutually beneficial results on such a big scale," says Keith Nicholl, KMF's Business Improvement Manager.

The 2014-15 Productivity Share Scheme, imaginatively named PSS5, is currently in the planning stages, with the KMF improvement team of Keith Nicholl and Dianne Hibell hoping to create something bigger and better in line with the company's spirit of continuous improvement.

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