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KMF welcomes apprentice ambassador

KMF Metal Fabrication Training Centre

KMF (Precision Sheet Metal) was proud to host a recent visit to its manufacturing facility by the Government's Apprenticeship Ambassador to Business, Gordon Birtwistle MP.

The visitors witnessed first-hand the work that the Newcastle-under-Lyme business is achieving regarding apprentice training and enthusing the next generation of engineers.

The catalyst for the visit of the Liberal Democrat MP for Burnley is the involvement of KMF apprentice Sam Dutton in the Industry Apprentice Council, a group of young men and women that hold regular meetings hosted by Gordon Birtwistle at the Houses of Parliament.

Mr Birtwistle's visit follows that of his Lib Dem colleague and Business Secretary Dr Vince Cable, and it was fair to say that he was equally impressed with what he saw.

He was enthusiastic about the work that KMF is putting into its apprentice training programme and the commitment that it is making both financially and commercially.

Mr Birtwistle, a former apprentice himself commented: "KMF is offering young people real career opportunities through their well-structured apprenticeship program. From my visit to the factory, it is clear to see why their business is succeeding and their strategy to grow their own talent works well for both the company and the apprentice.

"Apprenticeships are the way forward. They provide on-the-job training and offer a wage with a career at the end of it. I started my working life as an apprentice, and I have never looked back since."

"I am delighted to see the inspiring work KMF is doing to help give young people a chance and enter the world of work. I hope that other companies will follow suit as apprenticeships are not only beneficial for the young person but also for the businesses that employ them too."

KMF's commitment to apprentice training over the last few years includes the building of a brand new, state-of-the-art for academic studies along with a purpose-built apprentice workshop where 'hands-on' training can be undertaken in a safe and monitored environment.

All apprentice training at KMF is carried out in-house under the supervision of a highly experienced team, with external verification and awards provided by EAL Limited).

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