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KMF manager in rowing challenge

Tower Bridge London

KMF's Business Development Manager, Travers Wallet is about to embark on a trip of a lifetime with an open-water row from Tower Bridge in London to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Fitness fanatic Travers will be putting his strength, agility and mental determination to the test as he takes on The Tower to Tower Rowing Challenge.

Organised by local Children's Hospice, Donna Louise, the rowing challenge will see a team of 24 rowers tackle the gruelling 450 nautical mile trip.

Branded the "Everest of open-water rowing", the crew will be battling against the tidal effects of the Thames and the Seine, to conquer a 36-hour channel crossing. It is anticipated that this will take six days to complete, weather permitting!

To prepare for the challenge, Travers is completing a full program of training to give himself the best chance of making it to Paris.

It is an exceptionally tough challenge as Melanie Williams, Head of High-Value Partnerships at Donna Louise, described: "The team taking part in the challenge will experience the sleep deprivation that our parents go through, who are caring for sick children. We'll only be in the boat for six days experiencing the effects, for our parents this is their life."

"This is why it is important to raise as much money as possible so the Hospice we can continue to offer families the support that they all need, which includes respite for parents."

On the 12th of March, Travers took part in the first 24-hour training session which saw him train from 3 pm on Wednesday right through to 3 pm Thursday in Ramsgate. For most of the team, including Travers, this was their first proper taste of rowing on the open sea.

He said: "I can't lie, it was an excruciating experience, and there is nothing that can prepare you for the daunting task ahead. However, we have a great team, and I have had the chance to visit the Trust and see the type of work that goes on there. "

"I was left with a great appreciation for the charity and the work that they do means so much to the people who use their services. It costs the Hospice approximately £3 million-a-year to keep the doors open and supply the care that these families so desperately rely on. It will be this that keeps me going."

KMF is extremely proud of Travers. As well as taking part in the challenge, he has also been challenged to raise £5,000 for the charity. If you can help him reach his goal, please leave a donation on his Virgin donation page.

Gareth Higgins, Managing Director at KMF, has committed to matching the amount of money Travers raises.

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