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Suggestions pour in at KMF

KMF contributors Productivity Share Scheme 7

KMF (Precision Sheet Metal) has taken its suggestion schemes to the next level with its Productivity Share Scheme.

Open to every employee from apprentices through to shift managers and sales to finance; the Productivity Share Scheme draws on the detailed knowledge of processes and technology that is within the company.

At KMF the scheme differs as each suggestion is driven through to completion by the system entrant. Once active the improvements are monitored, and savings collated with the support of a continuous improvement team.

Targets are set dependent on the employee and 'team members' must make £1,150 of savings while staff members must achieve £3,500 to qualify for the annual share.

This year 254 employees signed up for the scheme with 151 of them reaching their targets and adding over £373,000 to the 'productivity pot'.

Suggestions this year covered improvements in a diverse range of subjects, including improved CNC run paths, increased material utilisation, reducing defect rates, practical health and safety improvements and much more.

Each participant gets guidance folders containing hints, tips and examples of cost-cutting projects. These folders also serve as a resource to collect and present the evidence ready for approval by a small team headed by KMF's Business Improvement Manager, Keith Nichol and Continuous Improvement Team Leader Dianne Hibell.

In the three years of operating the Productivity Scheme has made total savings of £769,707, with £192,000 distributed between those who have taken part.

This year's share amounts to £522.50 each. The balance of the savings is re-invested by the company to further enhance its technological advantages in the world of precision sheet metal manufacture.

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