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KMF champions apprenticeships

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Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Local Enterprise Partnership's see apprenticeships as a top priority and have bought together a group to promote apprenticeships within the local area.

In a bid to increase the number of apprenticeships throughout the county a network of Apprentice Ambassadors has been created to actively 'spread the word' about the benefits apprentices bring to business.

Ambassadors are selected from organisations that offer exemplary apprenticeship programs and value the rewards that apprentices bring to their businesses.

Jenny Conlon, KMF Training Centre Manager, has been chosen for an Ambassador role. Jenny, who is already active within the National Apprentice Service and Staffordshire STEM, commented on the benefits to both individuals and businesses.

She said: "Apprenticeships give young people the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the workplace while receiving training to high standard qualifications, earning a wage and getting their foot on the career ladder."

"For businesses, apprentices can be placed in a rotational training program to allow for the flexibility to learn the trade, improve the company's overall skill level and development through their eagerness to learn."

KMF run an in-house Staffordshire STEMwhich was acknowledged by Business Secretary, Dr Vince Cable as the best apprenticeship program he has ever seen.

The company believes that apprentices are the future and are passionate about providing opportunities for young people and to see them flourish.

Actively working to address the skills shortage within their industry sector, the company is leading the way in carrying out pioneering work that will help them maintain sustainable future growth.

Jenny oversees the work KMF does within this area and regularly welcomes other businesses to KMF, to share best practice and reassurance throughout the preliminary steps to taking on apprentices.

For further information, please contact Suzy Ball on 01782 569060.

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