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KMF bonfire night raises cash

Bonfire Night

Treating their staff well is certainly not a benefit forgotten by the senior management team at KMF, as they invite their employees to a firework extravaganza.

What makes this event extra special is that all the funds raised go back into the local community to help a local charity.

No expense is spared to ensure everybody enjoys the night, the children are given free glow-in-the-dark items, sweets and treats, there is plenty of food to choose from that can all be swilled down with a favourite tipple from the bar.

A local band commandeers the back of a trailer and plays to the crowd before the sky is lit with a splendid array of colours.

The 10-minute display stirs the 'wows' and 'woos' from the crowd; even the food queue goes quiet for 10 minutes!

This year's event was well supported with just over 500 spectators made up of staff members, joined by their families.

The event raised £1,314.17 which has been donated to the Movember charity; this worthy cause helps men living with prostate or testicular cancer have the care needed to be both physically and mentally well.

On the night, budding photographer Bradlee Royall, (son of KMF's Lyndon Royall), was taking some great shots of the evening. A big thank you to Bradlee, for capturing some great images.

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