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KMF apprentice lifts recognition award

KMF Adult Apprentice Tom in training

KMF second Year Apprentice, Tom French, has been recognised for his success at the Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Apprenticeship Recognition Awards 2015.

Tom was shortlisted for the outstanding work carried out with one of KMF's top ten customers.

Each apprentice at KMF follows a rotational program which sees them work in every area of the business and it was while Tom was in sales that he grabbed his opportunity to shine.

"It was apparent from day one that Tom possessed the skills we could work with, he is intelligent and eloquent, and I felt at ease when introducing him to customers," said Steve Damjanovic, Tom's designated mentor in the Sales Department.

"Within the first week of Tom working in Sales, I was approached by a customer about a new project. Tom was keen to be involved, and I was so confident in his abilities I was happy to leave Tom to manage the project".

It is common for an apprentice to become heavily involved in the work KMF undertake for their customers.

Tom however, negotiated himself into a position to manage the project from design concept through to after-care sales. A daunting task for any apprentice but one relished by Tom.

It meant demonstrating a clear understanding of the manufacturing process, being able to time-manage the project, while communicating with departments to dictate the work flow.

In addition to the industrial elements, Tom also had to ensure a high level of customer service; making sure the customer was happy and kept informed on the progress of the project.

His relationship with the customer was key to success, and he handled this remarkably well. He performed exceptionally well, visiting the client, leading discussions and advising on design, through to delivering and fitting the product and ensuring it was fit for purpose.

Tom received support from various departments but took a dominant lead managing the project. The host of skills demonstrated was exceptional.

Jenny Conlon, Training Centre Manager, added, "Tom stepped outside the comfort zone of the apprentice framework and pushed himself to complete this project to a very high standard."

"He has clearly demonstrated a good work ethic and a desire to succeed. His communication skills have been demonstrated in bringing the whole project together, this is an exceptional achievement for a second year apprentice."

"Having apprentices like Tom is an invaluable asset to the business and this is the reason why KMF invest so heavily into their apprenticeship program. Apprentices are multi-skilled and have been trained the 'KMF way' which makes them the perfect fit enabling KMF to be more competitive. These highly trained individuals add value and allow the business to offer more diversity to our customers."

"Tom will go on to succeed in the firm and having young, bright, forward thinking individuals who have undertaken their apprenticeship with KMF opens up different avenues for KMF to expand."

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