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Precision Engineering in Staffordshire

kmf39s precision engineering  cnc machining facility

Established in 1971, KMF Group is one of the leading Precision Engineering companies based in Staffordshire, offering precision engineering solutions from a purpose-built 43,000sq ft production factory. KMF Precision Engineering offers an impressive array of automated equipment to ensure the highest accuracy and quality of precision CNC machined components and high-volume of turned parts.

Behind KMF Precision Engineering, there is a high amount of hands-on experience. Paired with top-of-the-range, unrivalled technology, KMF Group is able to deliver quality components with maximum exactness and short lead times, making them one of the most advanced Precision Engineering companies in Staffordshire.

The firm's investment into new, top-of-the-range Mazak equipment enables KMF to double capacity and supports further advancements to the factory through the use of automated technology. The continual investment into high-spec machinery sets KMF apart from the rest, allowing them to fully support their clients in the food processing, aerospace and medical industry.

Discover machinery capabilities available at KMF Precision Engineering in Staffordshire:

All-in-one 5 Axis CNC machining

Utilising the latest 5 Axis technology both simultaneous and fixed, KMF Precision Engineering is able to engineer highly complex parts, efficiently and to the most exacting specifications. Referring to the range of directions in which the cutting tool can move, 5 Axis technology has the ability to move in five different directions, moving smoothly and with less vibration than a regular tool. The capabilities of 5 Axis machinery results in a better surface finish, allowing parts to be machined with the utmost precision.

The fully trained machinists at KMF have the expert knowledge and extensive experience to deliver high-quality products to precise customer requirements. Paired with their machinery capabilities, KMF can provide quicker turnaround of parts and reduce overall lead times for customers.

Rapid CNC milling

The CNC milling machines operated from KMF's Staffordshire factory, have the ability to produce precision parts from a full spectrum of materials including plastic, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, tool steel and brass. The manufacturing process of CNC milling uses a cutting tool mounted on a rotating spindle, which selectively moves material by advancing a cutter into a workpiece. KMF Precision Engineering houses milling machines dedicated to producing single one-offs or multi-part prototypes, allowing parts to be delivered quickly, efficiently and with short lead times.

Efficient CNC turning

CNC turning services at KMF Precision Engineering in Staffordshire boast an impressive machining capacity and an unparalleled level of customer service. The turning manufacturing process involves rotating bars of meta in a chuck whilst removing the material until the specified shape is achieved. The extensive range of CNC turning centres available at the Stoke-on-Trent factory gives KMF Precision Engineering the edge in the production of high-precision parts ranging in diameters from 4mm to 70mm for bar-fed components and up to 300mm for billeted components. Furthermore, investment into new advanced Mazak technology allows automated running which significantly reduces set-up times and improves the repeatability and consistency of finished components.

High spec precision, horizontal machining

Showcasing a fully programmable automation line, KMF Group's top-of-the-range machinery can run day and night with the benefit of a 120-tool carousel and probechecking capabilities. KMF Precision Engineering is one of the leading suppliers, in Staffordshire and the whole of the UK, of multi-pallet machine components, due to its investment in a Mazak HNC 5000-111. This allows KMF to meet the exact demands of its aerospace and medical customers. Ideal for lengthy and long production runs, horizontal machinery cuts production time and allows for unmanned loading. This provides the ability to swap pallets so that the machine can work on multiple parts or customers at the same time.

One-stop shop for machined components

As well as machining components, KMF Precision Engineering offers a large range of finishing options through a network of carefully selected suppliers. Delivering a comprehensive range of metal finishing services including; metal painting, bead blasting, electroplating, and more. KMF group is able to work with a vast range of demanding, industry clients including providing services to military requirements. As a trusted UK manufacturer, KMF Precision Engineering provides a one-stop shop for its customers, removing the need for multiple manufacturers for machine and finish parts.

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KMF Group provides market-leading precision engineering by excelling in the manufacturing of high-quality machined components. KMF's impressive 43,000 sq. ft facility located in Staffordshire, showcases an array of advanced machining equipment. Book a personal tour of the industry-leading site here –

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