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Metal finishing services at KMF

Metal finishing is a crucial process in our design-to-delivery metal manufacturing service. It allows us to support our customers with both fabricated assemblies and machined components ready for shipping or delivered directly to the end-user. Metal finishing treatments include in-house linishing, grinding and deburring, powder coating and wet painting, shot bead blasting, silk screening, engraving and more.

From a strong base of ISO approved suppliers, we can provide a range of specialist metal finishing services. These include heat treatment, zinc electroplating, anodising (both decorative and hard), phosphoric bond, hexavalent chromium-free and CARC.

All surface treatments are subject to rigorous quality standards and checks and undergo a full inspection before being dispatched or moving to assembly. All of our metal finishes are fully RoHS compliant, ensuring the processes used are free from any hazardous substances and compliant with the latest EU standards.

Whether your product would benefit from powder coating, bead blasting or anodising, we can advise you on the most suitable, sustainable, and cost-effective solution that meets your specifications.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is an essential part of KMF's complete metal manufacturing solution. Coating powders are electrostatically applied to prepared metals to provide a durable, attractive & even finish to metal surfaces.

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Metal Linishing as part of KMF's subcontract precision fabrication service

Grinding & Deburring

Our grinding and deburring equipment includes belt sanders, bench grinders, angle grinders and linishers. These machines are able to offer any specified finish, capable of deburring pre-coated material such as Zintec and removing burrs with no detriment to the surface finish.

bead blasting

Bead Blasting

Bead blasting is a metal finishing process that delivers a clean, bright, uniform matte texture. It is a relatively cost-effective finishing method. favoured by manufacturers of medical equipment, food distribution and packaging conveyors for its hygiene benefits.

Silk Screening

Silk Screen & Pad Printing

Finishing processes such as silk screen printing, tampo printing, pad printing and brand labelling allow KMF to deliver various components and complete product assemblies to OEMs. KMF runs rigorous tests to ensure adhesion and ink consistency on all metal printed components.

laser marking

Part Identification

Part identification is an ideal process for marking metal materials, whether it be for traceability, design or branding purposes. From raw to highly polished steel, our part marking and laser engraving services are fast, flexible & consistent methods for marking on steel.

Advanced 2

Assembly & Integration

With years of in-house experience in mechanical assembly, we deliver a flexible assembly solution that improves customer competitiveness. Services include electrical wiring, electronics & circuit boards.

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Glass bead blasting
Stainless steel grades & finishes

Stainless steel fabrication offers a wide range of metal finishing techniques.

TIG Welding Stainless Steel
Sheet metal welding: MIG vs TIG

How to choose between MIG and TIG welding for the best results.

Welding 7
All about MIG & TIG welding services at KMF

MIG and TIG welding use an electric arc to weld metal components together.

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Perfection in metal finishing

Skilled linishing operators use the most up-to-date linishing machinery to dress welded parts to perfection. Our expert metal finishers can match any original grained appearance and produce the best possible surface. Fine grinding and sanding techniques allow KMF to provide a top-quality finished metal product as part of a complete metal manufacturing and engineering solution.

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KMF Group holds four ISO accreditations and has the agile processes, technology and experienced staff to consistently deliver fabricated components that meet your exacting specifications, on time. Protect your OEM business by partnering with a flexible metal fabricator that can deliver complete supply chain continuity.

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