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Design and prototyping metal fabrications

KMF is an industry leader in the design and prototyping of metal components for fabricated sheet metal parts. We offer a complete design-to-delivery solution; the design phase and introduction of new products are a critical part of our business relationships.

Through the use of the latest CADCAM software and skilled, modern precision engineering design techniques, our specialist in-house design engineers can produce fully specified and engineered product design drawings ready for their precision metalwork manufacture and fabrication.

With more than 80% of a product's price and supply chain performance determined in the design-engineering phase, accessing the right partner who can deliver on all fronts is imperative. Our Design For Manufacture (DFM) and best practice consistently deliver design enhancements, quality improvements, cost competitiveness, and shorter market lead times.

KMF has the people, quality, technology, and reputation in the market place to help you succeed.

Examples of high volume precision metalwork products that benefit from our design engineering process include kiosks and vending machines, point-of-sale units, processing and packaging systems, HVAC equipment and electrical enclosures.

In addition to our efficient design and prototype capabilities, KMF can easily scale up from a prototype project to full production quickly and effortlessly.

Our Design Capabilities:

  • Understand and ensure we can meet the customer’s requirement and desired specification
  • Carefully manage the initial design phase to ensure there are no delays
  • Agree timescales to meet our customer’s requirements
  • Utilise Design For Manufacture and cost optimisation tools
  • Provide prototypes or 3D models allowing early customer collaboration
  • Produce engineering drawings and bills of materials including supply chain
  • Provide customers with full issue-level controlled drawings at sign off stage
  • Final system & integration testing to specified customer criteria

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Excellent quality accreditations

With multiple ISO accreditations held across the KMF Group, we have complete confidence in being able to supply exceptional design quality every time to all our customers. We offer accurate costs and lead times to enable any ongoing project to follow the exact route from prototype to production.

Customers always come first

Dedicated personnel are allocated to specific KMF projects, from concept to completion, ensuring the very closest cooperation with customers. The ability to act flexibly and quickly, alongside outstanding customer service, lies at the heart of everything we do at KMF. That and the continued adherence to strict quality control and operational oversight throughout the factory means subcontract customers can rely on KMF to get the job done.

Your outsourcing opportunity

KMF specialises in the outsourcing of design, prototyping and sheet metal fabrication to provide OEMs with a higher return on outsourcing investment.

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